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    Hello mates! I have uploaded two news miniatures.
    I hope you like them.

    Vote link

    Vote link

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    Very nice work! Especially on the German WW2 bust. The face looks reallt natural and life-like.

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    The face looks really natural and life-like.
    fair play, it really does. i love black beard, the textures are great on the clothing, but the german fellas face is astounding

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    Amazing work really! I like the WW2 bust alot, that face is full of life! The only thing is that the eyewhites could be a little more white, but not much. Really great work!

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    the bust is amazing, even if the eyes look a bit odd, otherwise it\'s almost like looking at a photograph.

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    I can\'t see the images you linked in this post, but I checked your gallery and the German Officer bust looks very good. Excellent flesh tones with a good degree of warmth (pink/red) to them, and very smooth blending.

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    Thx for comments. Im going to reload the images. Im sorry about...

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