What to do with poorly qualified teachers - NYC \"solution\"
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Thread: What to do with poorly qualified teachers - NYC \"solution\"

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    Default What to do with poorly qualified teachers - NYC \"solution\"

    Oh, well I always thought that if you have a poorly qualified teacher you , eventually fire him... not so simple, not in NYC.
    The article is long but very entertaining


    PS. The further it goes the more I think that common sense is not so common anymore

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    as a teacher i can agree with some teachers being hassled by \"new principal tactics\" whole other story. and yes i think she should get her pay..... but when you have an idiot who shouldnt be teaching or because of molestation no that doesnt work for me. its taking advantage of a system that works for people that are deserving of it. hell i could have used one of those rooms a few years ago with my administrator who was later fired btw.... mainly for bullying other teachers and giving them horrible reviews. one of which won teacher of the year for our town the year before. its much like welfare. it works for people who need it and use it the right way. but when you fail to do things the right way, then its taken advantage of and so forth and so on. shame really. cause in my town if your caugh molesting a kid your fired out right. if you are found incompetent and have tenure you are put on a three year mandatory action plan AND have to take classes that you yourself pay for. just seems like a better idea than sticking someone in a rubber room imho.

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    Wow, what a mess. I kept reading, and the crazy kept coming. The tenure thing weirds me out a lot.

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    Originally posted by skeeve
    What to do with poorly qualified teachers -
    Over here they make them Headmasters or Headmistresses.

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    Teaching here in California is nuts. My credentialing professors told us many times that you never really start performing at your potential until you start your fourth year of regular teaching. Interestingly enough, you are also given tenure the first day of your third year....

    On the other side of things, new teachers are not judged by a group of people with a breadth of views on teaching philosophy. You are usually evaluated by one supervisor, who makes all decisions about your future with the school and in the profession. And if they don\'t like you, or if they want to hire someone else, you have almost no recourse until you become tenured.

    And people wonder why there are so few qualified teachers who are willing to work for the peanuts we are usually offered.

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    I\'ve come to the conclusion that society gets the teachers it deserves....

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    Originally posted by Spacemunkie
    I\'ve come to the conclusion that society gets the teachers it deserves....
    Quite true.

    Not to ruffle feathers, but the teachers I have run across are the whiniest bunch of workers anywhere...

    (ok, I am trying to ruffle feathers)

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