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    Any other CMONers musicians? Please share!

    I play electric guitar for fun every now and again. I\'m totally self taught, and I recently started attempting to record stuff. I have a few mellow bluesy songs posted on SoundClick for your listening (dis)pleasure :)

    The first two songs are played over backing tracks that I borrowed. The third song (untitled) is all my own, and the first thing I recorded last month.

    Look forward to hearing others play... :)


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    I used to play the keys in a band a few years ago, but I am quite rusty nowadays. Everything I\'ve got left to show we actually did something is a couple of GP- and Midi-files. lol
    I really need to get me a stand for my keyboard and take it up again. I loved it.
    I might be persuaded into posting something I\'ve made if you really want to... I\'ve only got the midi files from composing though.

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    I play guitar professionally. I teach guitar, and Have attended berklee college of music. If you ever wanna chat about guitar Matt Just pm me :P


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    I'm a guitarist, as well as a competent singer, bassist, piano player, and trumpet player. Have played in multiple jazz groups, alt/indie rock groups, and such...

    Quote Originally Posted by obsidianpainting View Post
    I play guitar professionally. I teach guitar, and Have attended berklee college of music. If you ever wanna chat about guitar Matt Just pm me :P

    Too legit! Do you have a website?

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    I play sing and play piano. (at the same time hahaaha). john legend is my idol

    Music is beautiful.
    "If you've got what it takes...
    Its gonna take everything you've got."

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    Well, I can't sing or dance, but I do play the guitar occasionally. Used to play piano when I was a kid, but never kept with it.

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    I play high brass instruments when I can, which is not too much these days. I marched in a Drum and Bugle Corps here in Cali for a while when I was younger, and I really miss it.

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    i had a short career as guitarrist in a really bad punk band when i were a teenager, (mainly cos the dudes thought i looked cool... ) , and figured out i am totally tone-deaf. on the bright side, it didnt really matter in that band

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    I sing..............

    .............but only in the shower and when no-one else is in the house.

    However I did earn my Scout Leaders Campfire Singing badge for a very good rendition of "Patricia the Stripper". I kid you not!
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
    Oh look my IQ results came in:-
    , and proud of it.

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    I play the guitar. A very relaxing pursuit indeed

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    I busk with a couple of mates, so music is how I make my money. I play the guitar, djembe and a little bit of harmonica. My mate also has a violin along with him.

    Peace and love...

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    i used to play piano, got to level 5 theory but i SUCKED. so i gave up

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    I play drums and guitar, and sing a little... I play both instruments on a professional level. 5 years ago, it was my life, i played 5 nights a week in two bands. two nights a week on drums and three on guitar. Then I had a kid... dun dun dun...

    I still play everyday, one instrument or the other, more drums usually, it's more therapeutic for me, but I no longer play in a band. Just a weekly jam session with some friends. I probably will again in the future I just don't have the time at the moment. I say this but I'm sure if the right opportunity came up tomorrow, I'd jump on it. lol!

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    I play the guitar for fun.

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    I play piano, guitar and I am an incompetent drummer. I will start playing saxophone soon, so if someone has any tips on that one I'd be most grateful!

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    Blow in the right end...

    Peace and love...

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    I played the alto sax for 6 years. Really great instrument to play. I've been thinking of picking it up again.

    Blowing in the right end does help too! Just don't blow too hard, otherwise it will sound like a dying whale... (Why do I feel like someone will take that out of context?) lol


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    hehe.. well how big a difference is there between a high-end instrument and the cheaper models? I would like a saxophone that at least theoretically can produce a decent sound.

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    I am a drummer in a metal band

    done a few tours and festivals in the UK, highlights playing Bloodstock Open Air ans supporting Skid Row in Nottingham. Not with my band but a band who needed a stand in.

    Younger Bro is an excellent guitarist and singer, older bro is a bassist, sis plays piano and sax.

    One of us had to be untalented and play drums

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