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    Default Identifying some old GW minis

    I recently got these two Space Marine minis in a trade, but I have never seen them before. The one on the left has no identification markings and the one on the right says \'chaplain\' on the front of its slotta tab and \'GW 1988\' (I think) on the back. I don\'t know why, as he looks like some sort of imperial guard commisar to me... the left one is definitely a SM, due to the eagle and knob on his back for holding the backpack.

    More importantly, are they worth anything?

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    Hey DarkWind, good news and bad news. The Fellow on the right is in fact a IG Commisar. I\'m not sure how much demand there is for this particular model, but it\'s not uncommon for these to go $5-$20. The othere model looks non-gw to me. I\'m guessing possibly Iron Wind or Mutant Chronicles original version of Warzone. I might be wrong, he could be a Marauder Inquisitor, but he doesn\'t look familiar to me as such.

    Good luck.

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    The one on the left is a GW model some kind of old Imperium personality type. I have one that came in a blister of three but I can\'t remember the title of the pack. The other two were similar in style one had what looked like a web pistol and the other had some kind of organic sword. All three had lugs for plastic rtb01 backpacks.

    I used the one you have as a Judge for a while and the other two made good Inquisitors.

    Not sure what they\'d be worth but they haven\'t been in production for many a year so someone\'s bound to want them.

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    Imperial Guard Commisars

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

    Found using the clues provided by those posting above.


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    Cheers peeps, especially BPI for searching :)

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    I see I\'m late. However I think that the Ordo Malleus is rarer of the two. Don\'t know how much it goes as I have never sold or bought any. I don\'t have that particular Inquisitor but I do have the one on the left in the cataloque.

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    Yeah the Ordo is the rarer, cool minis, I have 4 of them.

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