So, a funny story!

I am currently at university, attending a pretty long education. I had previously always lived alone in an apartment, until 1 month ago, when a young woman moved in. She rented the room next to mine.

She was very nice, and we became close friends in a matter of weeks. Also, I fell for her.

Earlier tonight I visited her and told her about my feelings. Unfortunately, she didn\'t share them.

Naturally, I\'m feeling a bit under the weather.

In a normal situation, one would most likely stop talking to the other until the entire situation had been forgotten. However, two things prevent this from happening in my case:

1. We are flatmates, and therefore we run into each other all the time. Also, we share a lot of things involving food and other practical things.

2. We are very good friends, which means that moving would be to turn my back on one of my most valued friendships.

How can this problem resolve itself if it\'s walking around in one\'s own home?

I apologise for any incoherency in this post, but I hope you understand anyway!