A couple of Euromilitaire entries
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Thread: A couple of Euromilitaire entries

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    Default A couple of Euromilitaire entries

    Last weekend was Euromilitaire and I went for the first time. It was a great event and I hope I can attend it again.

    Here are two new pieces I did for the competition:



    I hope you like them and comments are welcome as always. :)

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    You sir, are not human...I love these! I always enjoy seeing your new work!

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    Hmm, both are very good, but I\'ve seen you do better before, however I\'m sure this is more due to time contraints and possibly photography, but there are a couple of points you might want to look at.

    On the first one, the paint seems to have gone on a tad thick, especially on the dress, and the contrast isn\'t quite there.
    Some of the blends on the dress and skin could also do with smoothing out, notably the top highlight on the thigh and the bottom of the higlights on the dress folds.
    Also, the pillar seems a tad plain, just a cylinder with a ball on top, and no kind of decorations or edges to hold it together stylistically, minor points all in all, on an excellent work, but they could be improved so it meets the standard of some of your other work.

    On the second one, I hate to say, but it looks a tad flat, think the cloth could do with some more shading, and the metals certainly could. Also unsure of the light plinth colour, might have been better off in a matte black for the main plinth bit.

    I feel a bit bad being this critical, as I know I wouldn\'t be able to do much better, but I know you can, and although they\'re good pieces, they\'re not the best you can do I think.


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    More contrast? ??? The tonal range on the teal coloured garments are near black to almost pure Ivory. More contrast than that and it would start looking artificial. Same with the metals. Near black to pure metallic medium.

    I wouldn\'t say either of these is the best I\'ve done, though. I could have done more with them if I had had the time. And the pillar is definitely a bit dull. That\'s why I put the vine around it. :)

    If something looks thick it\'s due to the pictures, I would think. I might not have done enough prep work on the top one. Don\'t remember. It was more than a year ago since I did most of the work on it.

    Thanks for the input. :beer:

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    Fair enough, my screen might just be really bright, but the light placement on the axe seems to be shifted more towards light midtone and highlight rather then shade, which makes it look a bit blunt. Again, might just be my monitor.


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    yeah that some great work! :beer: nice to se these \"simple\" minis get so much life. totally awesome.

    how did you paint that stone pillar?

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    i like them allot, wish i would paint like that.
    The 2nd mini has got a manly face tho;)

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    Sweet paint jobs Anders :)!

    I\'m not overly convinced by the vine though. It feels a bit artificial and not integrated into the pillar.

    For the second mini, she might have benefited more from a darker base. The rough part looks great, but unerneath it I think I would have painted the lighter wood black.

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    Beautifully painted as always, but I\'m not a fan of either sculpt though :(

    The second one is especially odd - the face looks incredibly masculine to me, and then my eyes drifted down to the boobs!

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    About the plinth... I quite like the colour. :P

    About the face on the Rackham mini... I wouldn\'t say it\'s a manly face (besides, men and women don\'t generally have that different facial features, just that men have coarse facial hair and women often wear makeup and takes better care of their skin). She\'s not exactly beautiful, but that\'s not the same as looking manish. :)

    The Hasslefree sculpt is one of the older, and certainly not up to Kev\'s current standard. But, I still like the sculpt.

    I\'ve checked the pictures at work, as well, and I definitely think the tonal range is there. I actually thought I went a little over the top with the contrast on the Rackham piece, but thought \"What the hell, it\'s for a competition... it needs to stand out!\". lol

    The pillar is painted with a combination of drybrushing, washes (of both dark and light colours) and pigments brushed on dry.

    Thanks for comments and input, everyone! :)

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    Message original : Joek
    The second one is especially odd - the face looks incredibly masculine to me
    Sorry but big lips, big eyes, small nose ... her forehead is playing tricks on you ;).

    Retrospectively, she kind of reminds me of Sigourney :

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    they look even better irl.

    like the hair on number 2, if not her actual face!!

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    I think they both look good! The metal on the axe thing on the rackham one is very well done in my opinion! Also love the teal colored robes on both of them :D one of my favorite colors :)

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    Originally posted by cleen X
    Also love the teal colored robes on both of them :D one of my favorite colors :)
    Yeah, mine too! So much, that I need to take a break from using it. Thanks! :beer:

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    I thought they were both great, particularly the second one, although I think something odd may be going on with the picture, it doesn\'t look the same on my monitor as it did in the flesh.

    Great work.

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    Originally posted by Trevor
    it doesn\'t look the same on my monitor as it did in the flesh.
    The robe is a bit greener in real life. Couldn\'t be bothered to try and fix that. The rest of the colours are quite close, so it would be a bit of a hassle to change.

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    Like the first one!

    The second one I don\'t care for the sculpt at all and the painting doesn\'t look quite as good, although the axe/halberd thingy\'s blade is lovely.


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    Although I am not a fan of either mini, there is nothing wrong with either paint-job. I would really like your recipe for the see-through cloth on the first, especially the (ahem) nipples :D

    Good work Anders

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    I described the technique here, although I didn\'t list all colours involved. If you want a more thorough description I\'ll check the names of the colours I used when I get home.

    Fair enough, for not liking the sculpts. :)

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    See-though cloth is one of those things I\'ve wanted to have a go at, but never got round to.

    I think it will become clear when I have a go :)

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