British sword for British painter (GD UK 09)
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Thread: British sword for British painter (GD UK 09)

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    Default British sword for British painter (GD UK 09)

    Congrats to Ben Jarvis (rocketandroll) on winning the slayer sword at GD UK!


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    Ben we\'re all so proud of you and psyched for you!

    very well done matey!

    very very well done!

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    As I said previously, good job mate, a victory for you and a victory for Platoon, long may it last. Everyone\'s proud of you. I think this really shows the point and effectiveness of what such a group of likeminded and focused individuals can achieve when they put their heads together.

    Good job mate, good job.


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    Congrats Ben......

    excellent piece indeed! Kinda realised how much you wanted this from Barcelona, and you certainly deserve it!


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    Wow!! Congrats on the sword Ben!!! :bouncy:

    Really an awesome piece. It´s the best imperial that I have seen, english style, full of character, details, I love it.

    Best regards;)

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    Stunning! And I think I even have your autograph in the back of my Forge World weathering book, so it must be worth a TON of loot now!

    very cool concept on the fig. Well done!

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    \'I love you ben!\'

    some top shouts from jerome at the demons!

    so ben, is the sword really that pointy u need a chainmail glove?:D

    also id like to congratulate all the british painters, we have had and will always have alot of fantastic competition from our European friends who make a huge effort to come and compete in our GD and today i really think we rose to the challenge and responded with a massive turnout of high quality entries and we got out reward for it, so well done guys :beer:

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    a well deserved win man. way to represent!!

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    Stunning job man...well deserved

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    congratulations to all who got awards, they wre very well desrved. also, its was nice to here fewer Spanish names called out this year:D

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    Fantastic result Ben.

    You the man!!!


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    Sweet jeebus, that is one helluva min!

    well deserved!

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    yaiks! thats one AWESOME mini. wow!

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    you know what I think of it and have said from day one of seeing it .. beautifully realised and the first empire mini that\'s had me going out and buying one..
    fantastic weekend and turnout great results all round and a fantastic team spirit......congrats to all and again and nice to put even more faces to names..

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    Team Britannica F*ck yeh!

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    Very nice and delicate miniature. Congrats Ben! Shame I couldn\'t be there. So where are the rest of the winners??

    Jakob won bronze

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