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Thread: Flats? The mini sort of thing

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    Default Flats? The mini sort of thing

    In the Discuss submissions area Naoned posted a flat, that I actually liked. I always hated these wierd little hyrbid things, but this one got my attention and made me think about buying some later on to try.

    Anyone know of some decent flat producers?

    Anyone have any good places to start looking, or other stories/warnings/victories from painting these things?

    Love to hear more about them.

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    I hate flats.

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    There seems to be alot of one-man-bands making flats, they have a limited audience. The best place would be historical model shows to pick them up.


    Bash models are on there.

    Hope that helps a bit ???

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    Sure does Donga. I gotta put in an order for some of the Knight models stuff after Christmas with them anyway, so I think I\'ll pick up that Orc bust. And with it being a fantasy piece it won\'t be as shocking a transition (I hope).

    Much appreciated amigo!

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    Originally posted by supervike
    I hate flats.
    i know you are being silly but i do. never clicked with me tbh. the are too odd. not quite 3d enough to be a mini but not a painting... meh

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    Totally agree with you Freak, I always wondered \"What\'s the point?\". But the one Naoned posted up sort of made me look at it as a great way to learn how to better paint flat areas of mini\'s better. I know I could just practice on Mini\'s with a large amount of flat space, but this way it\'s all 100% flat work without havign to worry about a base, or any of that stuff. And how long could it possibly take to assemble a flat?

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    Yeah, i was just having a go at Scott....

    I think Flats are freaking cool!

    I wish there were more appropriate subject matter for me...I\'m not too keen on British Naval Officers of the 1730\'s....But howsabout a cool little Cthulu-esque cult scene????

    In fact, a FLAT is my highest scoring submission here on Cool mini....

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    The link DOnga fired me has an orc and a Goblin, which isn\'t as cool as Cthullu, but at least it\'s not the naval officer thingy.

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    I wonder if a change in the subject matter would make them more acceptable to our crowd?

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    Flats are very much the preserve of the Historical miniature painter (with a capital H). There are some changes in that.

    I for one have zero interest in having a go!!! I\'d rather do some drawing/painting. It\'s a bit too much like my son\'s colouring in.

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    I don\'t think they\'re \"unnacceptable\" in our crowd. It\'s just as Freak/Tim potined out that it\'s not quite a mini, and not 2-d art. So being in the middle it\'s neither here nor there so I don\'t think it\'ll find a great following here.

    I\'m still not in love with the concept, but I do think it\'d be great practice for getting better results with my other mini\'s.

    But I also don\'t really care for busts. Not that I don\'t like seeing painted ones, I mean I have zero inkling to take one on.

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    I felt the same about busts, it was very much all or nothing.But I\'ve done one for a commission now, well nearly. Have a look ;)


    He was at the GD doing the rounds. I\'ll be submitting him before posting off to the client ;)

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    Pretty slick Donga!

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    T\'was easy, the face detail is HUGE! 1/10 scale as opposed to 90mm which is about 1/16, 54mm 1/32. So you can go to town with eyes and faces.

    That bugger almost painted itself (I\'m taking the credit though :D) but cheers Scott ;)

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    Hey all,

    First time I heard/read about flats was on Dr. Faust\'s site where he had a write up on painting them, so I looked it up for you :) I think flats are cool - almost like a coloring book :)

    Anyhow, I hope this helps and sparks some new interests - btw he mentions some sites dedicated to flats at the end or the article: LINKY

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    Originally posted by supervike
    I wonder if a change in the subject matter would make them more acceptable to our crowd?
    i think it would help

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    Thanks Dillweed!

    Much appreciated.

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    I don\'t like flats much. I like the idea of flats but so often they\'re naively sculpted by modern-day standards which just has no appeal to me (any more than weaker fully-round sculpts appeal).

    Another thing that bugs me when it comes to the finished product is that it\'s so rare to see them painted properly - to turn out well they have to be painted like you\'d paint a painting: lighting direction, reflections (not just NMM or SENMM), cast shadows and reflected light.


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    & some more less-historical flats,


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    A few months ago i actually painted next to some flat painters at a local game store. According to these guys, they made the flats themselve. They had grown tired of the millitary flats, so they had bought a couple of postcards with cartoon characters ( pink panther and Inspector Gadget ) and used them as templates. The raw material for the flats where cola canes cut open and flatened and then engraved with a proper tool. The results were pretty impressive, the Pink Panther flat looked like it just had jumped out of the cartoon.

    One problem i see is that the flats i saw were painted with oil colors, and these huys used strong magnifying glases to see the all the details.

    As for the technique : The guy to my right painted 16mm horse complete with extremely clean shades and highlights, just wow.

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