to squat or not to squat: that is the question
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Thread: to squat or not to squat: that is the question

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    Default to squat or not to squat: that is the question

    so with the advent of the new subscription dwarf, and tons of talk of developing a new race for 40k or possibly an old one on every other site known to man.

    what do you think? i personally love the idea of them coming back. kill off the wrist cutting dark eldar and let them listen to some deathcab for cutie and bring back da\' squats.

    what do you guys think. well....what do you think?

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    To tell you the truth I feel that at the moment there are one too many codices for let\'s call them \"imperial allies\". With an untimely death of Dark Eldars ....

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    Dark Eldar aren\'t going anywhere. They\'re kinda on hiatus right now, but there was a WD article out a while back that talked about, among other things, how this particular designer was working hard on DE. That was last spring I think, and they mentioned two years.

    As for squats...they\'d have to make them cool, and I can\'t imagine how they would do that without just making them fantasy dwarves in space. I seem to recall that the designers cut the squats for the same reason - they just couldn\'t go anywhere with the concept.

    It seems much more likely that this is just a novelty sculpt more along the lines of their collector\'s range.

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    I\'m painting a dark eldar commission army so I bloody hope not :P

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    Default HI THARE agen

    well bring back sqwots and dont get ride of the dark eldaer thats dim me like to see DALEKS thats just me thanks WKJR

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    shush man if the inqusition hears you talking about the revival of squats andy chambers and swat team wearing black ski mask will problay come and haul you into the darkness yes squats would be cool but there are dangers about talking of them

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