GW Carry Case alternative....any ideas?
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Thread: GW Carry Case alternative....any ideas?

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    Default GW Carry Case alternative....any ideas?

    Hi all :-)

    I was about to buy a large GW carry case this weekend. But like most things GW it\'s sooooooooo expensive it made my wallet grow legs and run out of the shop crying.

    I\'ve got the smaller case but I\'m looking to making a big one that can protect my tanks when I travel. I\'ve seen veterans using unsuspecting sports bags but I was wondering where you buy the foam.

    So if anyone\'s got other alternatives or even knows where I can buy the foam they use for camera cases, GW carry case I would be most grateful.


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    I used to recommend Figures in Comfort but I\'ve been hearing some strange stories recently about reliability.
    I\'m hoping it\'s just a temporary hiccup and that Jules will have everything sorted soon.

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    I noticed maplins sell eggshell foam, but its about £20 a bag so pretty pricey..

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    Metal flight case, many come with a solid block of foam that you can then cut appropriate holes out of (try camera shops), for tanks particularly it might be the most appropriate path. Wargames Emporium (Sheffield) had a load of non-GW carry cases in stock when I popped over last month, as you\'re in London why not give the Orc\'s Nest a bell & see what they have? B.

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    Not sure about your side of the pond, but
    ARMY Transport

    Cheap tools (Harbor Freight) have metal toolboxes with punchout foam inserts.

    Hit the little kids area, girls makeup cases - top opening, lots of room.

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    Honestly, spending $50 on a case for $400 of minis is not a bad investment. You can go cheaper, but not much before the law of diminishing returns sets in. My advice is to save for a good system, and protect the stuff you spent so much on.

    Metal tool cases with customizable foam are great for vehicles and other large models, but you are hard-pressed to make them work with infantry such that the models do not jostle around a lot. I keep my big stuff in two of these. Be careful about cutting the foam, as replacements are hard to find.

    The GW figure case isn\'t a very useful $50. You lose too much space when you need a vehicle, and the spaces for infantry are not customizable. Minis get damaged unless they are very durable or have their arms in the right spots.

    Reaper makes a decent soft case with modular semi-rigid foam inserts. My wife has 2000 points of Eldar for 40K, and only spent $50 on the case to carry vehicles, infantry and monstrous creatures. And the foam inserts are cheap, too, if you need more. One way of doing it is to have everything in the foam on a shelf, and then only take the inserts you need for that game.

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    I think a customizeable system like Army transporter or my new current favorite Battle Foam is the way to go. Yes an initial investment but with customization and high quality it will last years and years.

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    this lot were at Salute 09

    this is their UK site

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    I have a Figures in Comfort case for my 450 model Skaven army. Quite pleased with it, although like Mike says, I\'ve heard there are some issues.

    The army transport cases and the battle foam stuff look good but neither has any UK retailer, I think and the postage plus the customs tax pushes the prices up a lot.

    The KR cases look good and I was thinking of trying out one of theirs.

    B&Q do some cheap aluminium tool boxes, and my Daemonhunter army is in a similar, albeit a CD case I got as a gft, with foam trays I made myself. I got the foam from a market stall here in Chesterfield that sells off-cuts. The foam came to about £2. It\'s not the same stuff as in most figure cases but it seems to do the job.

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    Damn, when I stop the demand is there! I recently had a load of foam inserts made of varying types to fit the GW cases - as they don\'t sell them - and sold them on ebay. Demand dwindled and the cost of oil pushed up the unit price so I didn\'t have any more made. I was able to retail each tray at about £4, no real profit but I had to place a big order to get what I needed at a sensible price so the rest of the production went at cost plus a couple of pence to round the price up.

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    Thanks guys for the responses :beer:

    I get your point evil tendencies as my GW figure case was a good buy. But £60 for a cheaply made case is still really over priced....Plus being a 30-year-old I\'d rather not have a large case that has a massive GW logo blazoned across it ;-) Not good when you\'re pulling girls ;)

    The internet recommendations look good but I\'d want to see it up close before I buy.

    I think I\'ll take BPI\'s advice and nip down to the Orc\'s Nest as it\'s near where I work.

    Thanks again

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    Default Kaiser Rush Forth - Carry cases / storage boxes

    I can heartily recommend any of the cases, and they do deals....

    I have about 14 of the cardboard/foam carry boxes, 10 of the alluminum cases, and 3 aquilla cases...

    And the choice of foam trays.... dare I say LOTS of lots of choices and combinations.

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    I have heard good things about

    However about FIC you might want to have a look at this LINK

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    Originally posted by mickc22
    this lot were at Salute 09

    this is their UK site
    I\'ve just bought a KR Multicase and they are awesome. I bought a 67% depth one for my grav tanks, and then got a 33% depth one for my infantry. It only cost about £22 in total. They do pluck and pick customisable trays, so it\'s been fully customised to the models I own. Much better value than GW, the GW trays would be the 25% depth ones, meaning you could get four infantry trays per case rather than just 3, plus they are in rows of ten so you can get a full squad per row, rather than the retarded 9 in a row that GW do

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    Originally posted by james sequeira
    I have heard good things about

    However about FIC you might want to have a look at this LINK
    MAN! I just finished reading the first 15 odd pages of that thing. AWESOME! We need more of that around here! 52 pages baby! I\'m saving the rest for later. That Antenoceti\'s guy is out there man. I never thought about ordering from Artemis Black before (\'Cause I live far away from him) but I think now I will.

    Thanks for that post Mr. Sequeira!

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    Ive moved to using these from Battle Foam

    They rock-great fit and hold the models well-they can do custom trays and even stick personalised logos on!!

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    Most of my mates have Figures in Comfort cases and from what I\'ve seen of them I\'ll certainly never get one. When they\'re new they\'re great, good capacity and comfortable to carry unlike those plastic GW monstrosities. When the velcro starts to fuzz up and lose it\'s grip however, you\'re in trouble. After the first few times you pick it up, the hold fails and it dumps your entire army all over the floor you\'ll be wishing you\'d gone elsewhere.

    My favourite case is a skirmishpack made by Charon Productions, as far as I know these were the guys that used to make the big fabric sided cases for GW before they started producing those all plastic ones. It\'s comfortable to carry and as the top zips round it won\'t fall apart at inopportune moments. Each side holds the same amount as a standard GW plastic case plus one layer so the capacity is pretty good. As for buying them, I have no idea. I got mine as a company Christmas present many years ago and I managed to blag another off an ex-redshirt mate for twenty quid. The website looks a little dodgy with dead links etc but the product is certainly worth it.

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    I\'ve not seen those cases in any UK retailers, which means paying big money for shipping and customs tax.

    My Skaven army doesn\'t get enough of an outing for the velcro on my FiC case to get all fuzzed up but I\'ll be needing another case for the new models anyway.

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    KR Multi case was the way to go for me. I got two with the ENTIRE 4th company of Ultramarines, the vehicles are in another random case! Check ebay for a few more pounds off web price!

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    Hang on aren\'t Kaiser Rushforth the guys who try to charge 20 quid for a cardboard box?

    I saw them at a show once and couldn\'t believe my eyes, I get one of those free whenever I order from GW lol

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