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Thread: Do you paint or play? Or both?

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    D&D once a week with the same group of friends for almost 15 years (they\'d been going a while before I joined in too). Veered into Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play for a few campaigns & the odd short run of Cthulu. Then outside of that very occasional 15mm 20th Century skirmish games (I\'m not very good though because all the different guns/tanks are a mystery to me). LotR skirmish game has been fun & I intend to play more. Then the Zombies tile game is great fun for a mix of gamers/non-gamers, Carcassone is an old game I only discovered relatively recently & now that I think I\'d love to dig out the old Illuminati cards again. I\'m the person who, with a group hanging out in a living room, wants the TV off, music on & a game for the table, Backgammon, Cribbage, Buckaroo, I don\'t care. Anything\'s better than trying to have a conversation with someone who\'s attention keeps being drawn away by whatever gumf the idiot box is pumping out in the background, it has far too hypnotic an affect on people who otherwise know better, insidious contraptions.

    I paint more than I game though :D :beer: B.

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    Mostly paint. It is, unfortunately, a question of investing limited time. So, I mostly paint, but lately with the release of Space Hulk I often play it with my son.

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    I like to tell myself that gaming looks fun and I should try it, but painting is much more interesting so i always end up painting lol

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    Haven\'t played in AGES. I paint. Sometimes. Mostly I chat. Kinda pathetic, isn\'t it?

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    Painter only here. Gaming with my minis just doesn\'t interest me.


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