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    I just google imaged my home town, and the first result was this pretty cool picture
    [img]*i*k6406hylYpT8FEJ3HB3SV*9eggrDwIGwa FaTwayN7mxf-AMYgZ8iDMINGPTCdWOsJ6rR2VX4bw*H48y/sheffield.jpg[/img]

    I honestly thought all the pictures of where I live would be drab or backed with chavs in the city centre. I was really shocked when a pic this pleasant came up. For the many of you yet to visit the uk, the green grassy fountain area in the front is called the Peace Gardens, built to commemorate how beautiful life is and to try to avoid Horishima Happening again (yes, that\'s right). So that got me thinking, what great images and unique features does your town hold to its name? It doesnt have to be the Chrysler building, just anything special that when you see it, you remeber why you live where you do (or in the case of those who don\'t like where they live, soften the blow).

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    blah blah blah or backed with chavs in the city centre blah blah blah

    I can\'t even get a normal picture of my hometown:( I can upload some pictures my dad made from the nature (nature.. hehe) in my home-town.

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    Storrs Connecticut, home of The University of Connecticut main campus... It\'s a pretty good school. Everyone thinks it\'s real scenic here, I don\'t know because I live here and I don\'t even think about it. Heres some pics straight from google images. What do you think?

    And some from my camera:

    ^ that\'s my house from the back.

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    well I was trying to pick one, but I couldn\'t decide
    so just google Geelong, and pick one you like

    mind you I haven\'t been there for 30 yrs so quite a lot has changed :D

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    Lessee... Google images of Guymon, OK:

    Drunks at a (now closed) bar
    Nondescript store front pic
    then a bunch of Hotel ad pictures or disaster pics.

    Yup, nothing to see there, keep moving.

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    @Necroghast: I\'d say that was pretty scenic

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    Quad building, derby city centre

    Joseph Right College

    Indoor market


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    Originally posted by mickc22
    @Necroghast: I\'d say that was pretty scenic
    Good old New England.

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    The only thing that comes up when I google mine is a picture of the hardware store and some exercycle someone is selling.

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    I come from Sheffield too so I\'ll steal your pic of the Peace Gardens. Admittedly last time I was there the Eggbox building was still looming over them but hey...

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    First image for Truro on Google images...

    I can tell you it gets bloody windy walking up that road past the cathedral. On a bad day you practically take off. Often see old people desperately trying not to be blown off their feet (and I\'m not even slightly exaggerating).

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    well ehm my hometown sports a lot of cool stuff i guess, especially if youre not from here.

    as one of europes past superpowers we have so much history here, but i´ll show some that is less known by using pics i took a couple of days ago:

    these places are all pre-historic kind of, they are stone and bronze-age locations scattered around southern Stockholm.
    the huge pile of stone is called a \"röse\" and most probably contains the remains of a person at its center. the standing stones are markers for another kind of grave. the scenic pics are of different early swedish settlement sites.

    if you google Stockholm stuff like this pops up:

    personally i dont think those pics show how it really is, but they are kind of nice i guess and lots of tourists apparently see it like that :D


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    I\'m from Redondo Beach, and it really is about as nice as the pictures show it to be, at least near the water. This is a googled image, but this was the exact view I had on many, many dates; its what I saw when I first kissed a girl; and its the way more than a few afternoons of homework finished up.

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    i\'m from taunton:

    but live in cardiff:

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    More swedes joining in! first pic that shows up when you google \'Karlstad\':

    half of the town square.

    and the bridge with the most emotional history in karlstad:

    I\'ll post some more when I can reach my computer again...

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    1st photo of Hong Kong, can\'t find any greenery in it :)

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    Such lovely places you all grew up in... I can\'t say much about my town... Its called Ursviken, just outside Skellefteå where i currently reside.

    Anyways to the tragic pics! (I have to say, good place to grow up in... lots of good forests to run around in!)

    A run down facility, it burned quite often. Pretty nasty stuff there too, it was a large large place, lots of things to discover!

    and this house... well im not sure what it supposed to be, but i think someone lived there, or lives.

    This is the center of the town! The main place for teens to hang out! It used to have a candystore but they shutdown pretty quickly as we have another store right next to it, and this is a pic of the restaurant

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    Ahhhhh... Hong Kong. I love it there!!!

    Originally posted by falela
    1st photo of Hong Kong, can\'t find any greenery in it :)

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