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Thread: I think I know why people think the new 40K sucks.

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    This is kind of off topic but along the lines of power gaming; is it easy to power game in warmachine and hordes?

    @Jericho: A few years back I ran into the worst power gamer for fantasy I have ever seen. He ran a dwarf army with nothing but artillery. My army did not even make it across the table before they were all killed. Melee dwarfs vs ranged dwarfs is a bad mix.

    Now that I think about it fantasy can have some pretty bad power gamers. Especially when people play lords that are half the point cost of the army they are with. A 1000 point chaos lord is not something I ever care to see again.

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    I\'ve played against Dwarf gunlines too... 40 Thunderers, 10 Crossbowmen, 3 Cannons, Organ Gun, Gyrocopter and one unit of Ironbreakers for no apparent reason. Lots of fun that was :|~

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    Originally posted by Jericho
    Well the powergamer issue is really something that plagues both games... it\'s really up to your local scene. Some of the Fantasy army books can be absolutely disgusting to play against (Vampire Counts, Dark Elves and Demons are usually considered to be the absolute worst offenders if people max them out).
    Orly? Bugger, that\'s the new army my gaming partner has just bought. :( Mind you, I\'ve comprehensively wiped the floor with his High Elves almost every time we\'ve played (I\'ve a Bretonnian army), so I suppose I shouldn\'t fuss too much if he wants to turn the tables a bit! lol

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