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    Hey all,

    So I entered nine items into UKGD09 and achieved nine finalist badges. Alextheartist has just been kind enough to get me hooked up with some pictures, so would you mind giving me some feedback?

    Thanks so much :)


    Sentinel in Hanger
    Stealth suit team
    Pirate of Sartosa

    ps. I\'ve also done a 120mm zombie sculpt which is currently on less than 5. Ok, so it isn;t perfect, by any means, but is it really a 4?
    Zombie sculpt

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    All are crap :D

    Joke mate lol

    You know my thoughts :P

    Pirate or sentinal is my fav :)

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    heh! thanks dude :)

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    The sentinel is very impressive, definitely a 10.

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    Great work. Thranduil and the sentinel are my favourites.

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    A couple of those should be in the 8\'s. Underrated!

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    Sentinel and astropath are my favorite. Just a side note. These miniatures are generally blue-gray-green and they loose contrast when on blue background. Try Gray or may be black.

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    Thanks Droogie, I appreciate the vote of confidence :)

    Glad you like them Trevor, it means something coming from an artist like yourself, I can tell you.

    You think Rev? I\'d like to think so, Iwas certainly hoping to beat my previous best score by a good few decimal points, but there we go...I guess I\'m comparing the models on my mantlepiece rather than the photos. I did tharanduil a year ago, I should have posted him then. Aah well. The one that has suprised me though is the he really sub tabletop quality? I mean I know he isn\'t perfect or anything, and I know sculpts get slated to an extent, but surely it takes more skill to sculpt a 120mm zombie from scratch than it does to badly block paint an ultramarine for the tabletop?? bah...I don\'t know. sorry, sore looser!

    Good point Skeeve, I\'ll take that on board for next time, thanks matey.

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    Hi Cybersquig, just a quick note on the Zombie, I may try & type out my thoughts properly again later but they were too tangled this time so have been deleted :) I think that there is too much story in the text below that is required to make sense of the sculpt. I think the low score has less to do with the sculpting skill & more with the pose.

    Single eg. I thought, because of the angle he is mounted at, that he looked badly based, it was only on reading the text that I understood he was falling. I didn\'t read him tripping over the slipper to fall because a Zombie Should have a broken ankle leaving a foot trailing at a weird angle, it aids with a quality shamble :) Solution? Mount him at the top of some steps of a townhouse, ajar front door behind revealing a hatstand. Might help aid with the sense of tottering forward? Put the hand of his leading arm on the floor too :D

    I often vote roughly base coated & washed but professionally sculpted 32mm production minis a 4. I do adjust based on a myriad ctiteria, inc. mood :D , but I don\'t think 4 point something is unfair, albeit disappointing. It\'s a nice score to move up from if you base & paint him though.

    Any use? :beer: B.

    Edit: Just voted on your GD entries there. Wow, that\'s some pretty work. The Pirate is the winner for me. Fantastic sense of movement, the hook around the pole is lovely. The base, the pegleg, stripey pants, map, all great stuff. I\'m very impressed :beer: B.

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    Thanks for your feedback B, that\'s very good of you :)

    As for the zombie first, I did him as a sculpt to practice sculpting when I had a couple of days off at easter. At this stage he\'s only mounted on a base for ease of handling, if and when I paint him, I would mount him on an appropriate base, but until then I figure it isn\'t really worth going to town on a display base for a sculpt with no paint. Noone else seems to anyway, and their sculpts don\'t sit below 5! Having said that, I can understand what you mean about the pose, but if i tip him foward any more so his hand was on the ground, then I\'d have to re-sculpt all the cloth to sit at that angle too - basically re-sculpt all of him! That\'s not something i\'m willing to do right now. I was hoping the the way his trousers and coat tails were sitting would aid the sense of movement in the piece. Clearly that wasn\'t successful. Never mind though, onwards and upwards :) Thanks again for the input, it is useful to have others perceptions so that I can improve. I\'m glad you liked the others, I\'ve not had quite the reception with the pirate as I had hoped, he seems to be a bit of a marmite sort of model, some say \'wow!\', and others say \'huh?\' lol! that\'s fine by me! he was a blast to sculpt and paint :)

    Cheers matey!

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    Hi Cyber, cheers for reply. Hand on floor, I meant so that it had dropped off! No need to repose him. I like the way his cuff is flapping back, it gives a sense of forward movement, just that he has no hands. Suggests to me less the story & more a sculptor who isn\'t confident about producing hands? As in artwork where people hide feet behind a cat or put hands behind back, every single time lol

    The marmite effect. I\'d see the likers as the people who take the time to read the text & look at the sculpt (30 seconds to a minute?) & the dislikers as the \"oh, it\'s a green\", vote , next image (2-5 seconds?). Hows the ratio of views to votes looking? I usually skip greens when voting unless I\'ve arrived there from a forum link. :beer: B.

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    They all look great. Well done on the finalist pins. I think my favourites are the sentinel and the pirate, but I really like the idea of the base for the sentinel the most.

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    My favourite are the pirate and Thranduil. Congrats for the pins.

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    Hey, thanks guys, I am very pleased that you like them :) THanks for voting and feeding back!

    @BPI, I see what you mean about the hand on the floor, that sounds good, maybe one on the floor and another one in his pocket? That could add comic effect!

    nope, I did it because that was my vision for the piece, I\'m more than comfortable sculpting hands :) I just liked the idea that it made me wince to think of him falling and breaking his fall with his bloody stump. ouch. It turns my stomach when I think about it, but then I have an erm... overactive imagination. On the plus side, stomach turning is very zombie like!

    Thanks again for your feedback matey!

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    I was very impressed with your sentinel At Games day. Very well done.

    I think for next year if you spent your time concentrating on 2-3 entries may very well earn you that demon instead of so many entries.

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    Yup, I\'ll do that for sure...I\'ve started sketching my idea out already - last year was always meant to be a period of experimentation, I\'d just got my first couple of statues, I\'d not been online to CMON or Platoon Britannica before, and so it was a whole new world for me. Now I\'ve gotten used to a bunch of techniques like sculpting, powders, oils, freehand, composition, colour theory, story telling, resin casting, wet blending and the use of different tools (the list goes on and on...), I\'m going to put two to three entries together, of which two will be single minis, for next year.

    Frankly, I can\'t wait! :)


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