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    Default my gd entries

    hi uploaded these a few days ago, but forgot about them!

    first is my Empire Captain

    next is my Hellhound

    both won golds at euro, but went nowhere in GD :(

    very happy with them, and if you could vote it would be great!


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    there are no URLs in your links, just: http://
    just in case you\'re wondering why no one has voted


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    Do you have any better pics? It\'s pretty hard to make out anything, especially in the Hellhound images. The weathering looks good, but I can\'t tell if the color balance is off or what. I\'d love to see better pics of these guys because from what I can see they do look very nice :)

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    Yup, the pics are terrible. I\'ve both in person and you sir need better pictures!

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    unfortunately there in my local gw\'s window:(

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    i have these

    and the empire bloke(not finished in these!)

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    The pictures are crap but I prefer the hellhound to the empire captain.

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    Those pics are better, the hellhound is ace and solid work on the Empire Captain.

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