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Thread: New Skaven Doom Wheel Assembled Pix

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    Default New Skaven Doom Wheel Assembled Pix

    Just finished putting together the new Doom Wheel for a LGS (not GW). Thought others might like to see the assembled model! It\'s awesome! The wheels & side coils are magnetized for ease of painting and case storage.

    Have a look!

    Here\'s some pix of the new Clan Rats like I mentioned before:

    I took some high res pix of the new Screaming Bell & Plague Furnace from the new army book. Awesome!! :)

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    So, how much of a pain is it to put together?

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    Default Doom Wheel

    It went together rather easily. I had to figure out a couple of things as GW never gives instructions for their Black Box models/sprues. :) Luckily, I had the new box art for a guide, and past experience with Skaven! Hehe! I\'ll post some pix of the Clan Rats when I finish a few. :)

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