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    long time no post but did any body buy the new space hulk game lay offs prevented me from buying it and i wanted to know if was any diffrent from the orignal ???

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    Default HI THARE

    WELL i hade the old one to whay back when we roed dino to school looks like you ant going to get one with out paying thew the noiws me i like see if GW will just sele the troos in the box i dont whot it just dont like it butt i have some old mishens and rooms in old WDs if you like them just have to xirox them and i think thay fit the new one i like a trade well thanks WKJR

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    Anyway, I didn\'t play the original Space Hulk, but I always wanted to and so I was pretty excited when the new version came out. I picked up 3 copies of the game (to get enough models to do a Deathwing army and a Tyranid army) and I did a bunch of research on the game during the last few weeks.

    Apparently the game is closer to the 1st Edition of Space Hulk, but with most of the rules from the Deathwing expansion (including the psyker and the assault cannon). The game is supposed to be quite difficult (like the original) but still offers the new wargear and characters of the expansions, and 1-2 new minor rules changes as well.

    I wish I could be more specific, but I don\'t have much expertise in the original to know exactly what changed. I think the maps and missions etc. are very close to the old ones.

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    sweet thanx gus for the info ill have to pick one up for me

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