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    Right, my question is how much customization can one do with the warriors of chaos?

    They look pretty stiff, and all the models look the same. I bought some bretonnia a couple of months ago, but since the models had no room for costumizations I was not intrigued to actually paint them all. They all have the body, like four diffrent, and then they had heads, again i think 4 diffrent, im not sure on that one. Thats was about it. The bretonnian archers did look a bit better. But still no costumization.

    I remember when i bought orcs and goblins, they had a ton of variations one could do!

    So, in short, how are they in terms of conversions? If they don\'t offer much conversions I\'m not gonna bother with WHFB anymore trying to build armies haha!

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    You can convert them as much as you want. You can sculpt or put things like tentacles, change their helmet, mix the weapons, cut a horn... There are many coverting possibilities.

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    chaos rules, no limits to the convos you can do

    just go crazy

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    If you have the access and the funds to do Chaos properly then they can easily be one of the most entertaining armies to work on. The old metal models are awesome, but you do have to be a bit careful what you use them for because many of them are smaller than the new models. Some are actually bigger though! Aekold Helbrass, for example, is pretty tall even by modern standards.

    Anyway between the characters and some of the really fun units that don\'t have official models (like War Shrines!!) you have a lot of conversion potential, and unless you take a lot of Marauders you don\'t have to paint very many models either which means you can spend a lot of time and effort personalizing models while getting an army finished in relatively short time.

    Tzeentch is my vote for most interesting visually, especially with the wealth of concept art produced by Warhammer Online. I\'d start here and work my way through their online gallery of concept art... plenty of stuff on Chaos Warriors/sorcerers in there to keep you inspired for ages.

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    Hi Crayfish, do you mean the plastic box with the slightly hunched look & big fur capes? I\'ve not bought them because they looked static compared to the more recent Empire plastics (I\'m hoping the new Skaven will have more variation than the old). Have you tried searching around for pictures of the sprues to give you a better idea of the possibilities inherent in the set? The new Chaos Marauder Horsemen & Knights do have lots of nice bits though, probably enough to give good modelling possibilities without sculpting when combined with the footmen (apart from the legs which all look to be the same foot forward). :beer: B.

    PS check out Mousekiller\'s 4 or 5 different army WIP threads for great inspiration in presenting units so that they don\'t look like 20 of the same figure stood on a chessboard :)

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    Thanks for the good advice folks! Tzeentch sounds cool actually... I\'ve always liked the nurgle and slaneesh stuff, but perhaps Tzeentch is the way to go.

    @BPI: I did a google search of sprue pics, but I didnt find much useful stuff. But yes, my fear is that you cant do much with them.

    I will go try to find out more about these. I\'m currently working on my bretts to make them look nice and shiney, but its a bit hard hehe... Then if I have the time I will have to check out some chaos stuff, especially the horsemen and knights look awesome!

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    hi crayfish i had the same prob with not knowing what to do, i went down they root of changing heads for marauder heads and shields and also cut some of the cloaks away and sculpted fur cloaks on instead give it a try the shields and heads looks awesome hope this helps

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