Hi to everybody!!!

Here you have the Tale of War´s new releases for October.
Hope you like them...

October arrive with big surprises because one new R&B characters
comes to join any capable crew or ship able to support his weight.
There he is, GanGan´s friend, ready to fight or whatever! His name is
Pumboo and he is very dangerous.

Design Pedro Nuñez.
Sculpt Simon Remis.
Paint Miniart Productions.

Some plus pictures:

But the big surprise of this month comes from TALE REVISION with the best
miniature ever ever done! Our friend or perhaps enemy comes from Never Land!
the most agresive and dangerous pirate ever known comes with his friend of sharp
teeths, with a tick tack of an horrible clock and also, of course, with his steel
hand, there he is,HOOK! And comes to, to...what do you want captain?
¿a cup of what?

Design Edouard Guiton.
Sculpt Ivan Santurio.
Paint Miniart productions

Some pictures of the green model:

More plus pics: