Are miniature mentor dvds worth it?
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Thread: Are miniature mentor dvds worth it?

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    Default Are miniature mentor dvds worth it?

    I\'m interested in Allan C\'s Rashkel, Julien\'s Giant, and Romain\'s demon..

    Was wondering, what people think of them?


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    I\'ve seen a couple of the sculpting ones and thought they were very well done and extremely informative. I had downloads rather than dvds but I can\'t imagine there\'d be much dfference...

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    I subscribed to there news letter, and they had an offer to subscribe for $40 instead of $70. I am a subscriber and I think that they are very good, the style of video allows you to see whats happening.
    I like that they don\'t complete the models, as i feel that you might not feel that you can use the technecs on another mini. Imho it\'s a better way of doing it.

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    Likewise I took out the cheaper subscribers offer, the actual videos are very informative and educational - I personally have learned something from each of the ones I\'ve watched. I think that the only points I would make is that most of the painting videos start off with a white undercoat (not that that makes any difference, it just might be worth knowing) and miniature mentor don\'t display any kind of release schedule, so you don\'t know when the next video is coming out.

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