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    Default Button wins the title!

    Jenson Button won the F1 title with a stunning drive today. He started way back and overtook half the field to get 5th. Lewis Hamilton also gained 14 places to finish 3rd.
    It was probably the best formula 1 race I\'ve seen...it even had one drive catch alight in the pit lane!

    So anyone else see it?
    Plus new teams next year including Lotus and one from the USA, good times :)

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    When I want to watch cars drive by really fast, I just take a chair out by the highway.

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    GET IN!!!!

    \'Grats to Button - well deserved despite what many idiots who know buggerall about F1 are saying.

    He defended a great start to the season and drove some fantastic races in the second half of the season from very unpromising grid positions.

    First time since 1969 we\'ve had back to back British champions. Brilliant!!

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    This year has been great for F1, lots of teams in the points and few races which were processions. Roll on 2010 with the new teams.

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    Only motor sports i can watch are WRC or Rally america...F1 is just a little too dry for me.

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    And WRC is soooooooo interesting with that French tw*t winning almost every race....

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    It\'s been interesting watching him get pegged back. have to say, his race on the weekend was excellent. Great qualities shown. Deserves to be champ. I reckon Vettel next year though!

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    Originally posted by Spacemunkie
    And WRC is soooooooo interesting with that French twat winning almost every race....
    Hah yeah Gronholm and now Loeb...wait F1 had Schumacher lol

    Its good that the cars are more equal now in speed, not like the days of Mclaren and Ferarri destroying those poor Minardi drivers!

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    Originally posted by reverend
    I reckon Vettel next year though!
    Alonso will destroy everyone next year....

    Without doubt the best driver in the field. Ferrari will up their game. He\'ll clean up.

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    I reckon Hamilton will be back with a vengeance next year.

    Assuming he\'s got the car under him.

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    We\'ve got three differing viewpoints here. Let\'s put a bet on it :D

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