Ogre Butcher - UK Golden Demon 2009 Silver
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Thread: Ogre Butcher - UK Golden Demon 2009 Silver

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    Default Ogre Butcher - UK Golden Demon 2009 Silver

    This was my entry into this years UK Golden Demon Warhammer Fantasy Monster Category. It is my very first placing of any kind in a painting contest, and was only my 2nd year of entering Golden Demon, so I\'m pretty darn chuffed!

    Voting link , if you feel like it. Bigger picture there too.

    Sorry about the pictures, lighting and photography skills are pants.

    I\'m pretty happy with how he turned out - he\'s the first ogre I\'ve built / painted, and I\'m not used to painting anything with large areas of skin. I think it was more the amount of conversion I did that got me anywhere rather than the painting! I really need a better way of doing blood splatter (anyone got any advice?)

    He\'s just a standard plastic ogre, arms and right leg cut and repositioned, plasticard cleaver and saw-arm, new plastic teeth, a few other bits and pieces, and then a green stuff belly and apron (besides other little details).

    Any comments / criticisms welcome!

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    Very well painted! Grats on the silver.

    I like your Space wolf more, but that\'s not really a knock on this mini. Great Green stuff job on it as well.

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    Yeah, I prefer how the SW came out if I\'m honest!

    ** Voting link fixed now **

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    I\'m currently looking at some ogre conversions, so I wanted to doff my hat to you. People don\'t realise just what a pain these things are to convert if they haven\'t seen the base plastic model.

    The stomach is all over the shop thanks to GW moulding the back of the belly plate out of the stomach, the shoulder joints are enormous and even a milimetre of arm repositioning means the whole joint needs pretty much rebuilding. The legs are poorly defined and repositioning them requires the removal of about 49 tonnes of plastic before resculpting.

    All in all they\'re a pain in the ass. So whilst some of this conversion looks like standard \'reposition X\', the smooth finish you achieved is fantastic.

    *doffs hat*

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    It is so good. The metallics are really welle done and I love the skin. The blood is also really well and the stains are so realistic. Congrats for the demon.

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    The skin is absolutely the best part of the miniature IMO. Love the colours, which ones did you use for it ?:O

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    defo let me know your recipe for the skin.... i have been trying to achieve that color for quite a while.

    thanks again for showing us a great mini.

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    good work sir!

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    Thanks all!

    @Devilry - Yeah, I thought this was going to be just a simple repose, but I think it would have almost been easier to have cut the tops of both arms right off to begin with!

    For the skin colour... basically the GW recipe! As I said, I \'d never painted an Ogre before, so this one is the first and only as yet!
    Base coat is 3:1 Graveyard Earth : Shadow Grey, I then used thinned Shadow grey/Liche purple/black wash for the shadows - probably did 2-3 coats of this so the deepest recesses got really dark.
    Highlights were done by taking the base coat colour and just adding more and more Kommando Khaki for each stage, and a little Bleached bone for the last stage (just like GW say - I was \'flying by the seat of my pants\' there!).

    The \'meat skin\', after a couple of tests, was done with 3:2 Rotting flesh : Dwarf flesh mix, then a 5:2 of the same, then adding more and more white.

    The meat itself was just Scab red -> Blood red -> Elf flesh blend, then washed with very thin blood red. To get all the bloody bits gooey and shiny I just used some old calligraphy ink I had - just put it straight over the top! Same with the shinier bits of blood splatter.

    Hope that helps, if you want to know anything else just ask!

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