Space Wolf - Wolf Guard, OOP but up to date!
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Thread: Space Wolf - Wolf Guard, OOP but up to date!

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    Default Space Wolf - Wolf Guard, OOP but up to date!

    This is an old OOP Space Wolf mini I still have from when I first started collecting in the early \'90s. With the release of the new Codex I thought I\'d bring him back into action! I think he still looks OK to fit in with the new releases (I hope!)

    Voting link (and bigger pics), if you feel like it!

    I used a new back pack and shoulder pad from the Wolf pack set, a Chaos bolt pistol and hand, and the arm is an OOOOLD plastic one, chopped about about a bit. All logos painted on, not transfers.

    Any comments / criticisms welcome!

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    Love the paint, GREAT job on the face for sure!

    The pose! It makes me think of \"I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn\'t for you kids and your mystery solving dog!!\"

    Really love your work. I don\'t know if it\'ll fit in to the new range seamlessly, but who cares? You\'ve got an old fig painted to modern standards (plus some!) with tons of character in it. When everyone else is looking at the same space wolf models I bet your fig will get plenty of attention. Really dig what you\'ve done on it.

    -Link takes me to the image, but not the voteyness of it all.

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    Ha ha, yeah, this guys combat speciality could be fighting in abandoned fairgrounds I guess!

    ** voting link fixed now **

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    The face is very well painted; it is very realistic. The armour is good too and you perectly highlighted it.

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    It looks really nice! Probably better than anything out of the new box. :)

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    Those kind of space wolves remind me more of Space Vikings rather than Wolves:P

    Lovely work on the miniature, very clean.

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    The old metal Wolf Guard / Sergeants (back when they had sergeants!) really are great figs. I\'m sure this one will fit in with the current range just fine. Powerfists have grown in size since then but the detailing and style of the armor remains very similar, so I don\'t think you have to worry.

    The paintjob itself is perfectly solid as well. Nice color selection (I personally can\'t STAND Space Wolves who all have neon orange hair) and the different elements all work together nicely. I love the way that everything from the arrow on his knee to the classic black and yellow \"teeth\" design all direct the eye up and to the right, near the face which stands out due to the brightness of the hair. Great composition, I don\'t know if you did it on purpose but it works :)

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    classic model and a fab paintjob. like looking at an old white dwarf!

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    Wow what a blast of nostalga! I actually found some of the old Wolf Guard terminators in a box the other day - and a Wolf Guard banner bearer :D Out of curiosity, how did you paint the armour? It\'s deeper than I\'ve seen before.


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    Thanks all!

    @Jericho - I must say the designs all pointing to the face was not done intentionally - I think this is more testament to the quality of sculpt, I\'ve loved this mini ever since I first saw it! I always try to get as high contrast as possible in the faces though to make sure they pop.
    Totally agree on the hair. The orange GW have got on some of the new character models is better now though, where they have obviously spent a little more time.

    @freakinacage - Ah, that\'s awesome that you say that. That\'s basically my whole aim for mini painting!

    @Runebrush - Armour is similar to the GW method, but I started darker, with a base of Foundation Fenris Grey. Then washed the recesses with thinned Fenris Grey/Scorched brown mix. After that just highlighted from Fenris -> Shadow -> Space Wolves Grey.

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    Aye, completely classic. Very good!

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    He\'s great, nice grey colour, works well.

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    Thats fudging sweet:D

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