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    Default yet another Blood Bowl question :)

    My friend got a sound drubbing by my Skaven using his Dwarves and I thought I\'d ask what the best tactic is for them.

    They all have block, but only have average strength, so can\'t be used in the same way that I use my Orcs, plus they have limited movement.

    Is it just best for them to form a cage and steamroller up the pitch?

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    Is it just best for them to form a cage and steamroller up the pitch?
    That was a prescribed tactic as described in White Dwarf back when 2nd Ed was released. A solid if slow way of scoring a touchdown.

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    The success I\'ve had with dwarves comes from a simple philosophy:


    So yeah, basically you steam roll you way down the field, but only when you have to or can do so safely. You have to protect the ball at all times with the dwarves.

    Much like chaos, the dwarves you can wrack up an insane number of casualties, but in the end you (or your buddy) are only going to score 1 or 2 points most of the time.

    I tend to work in halves with the dwarves. First half (I prefer to give my opponent the ball at kick-off if I can) I focus on taking away the ball and inflicting as much carnage as possible and slowly working down field IF the opportunity shows up. Second half, hopefully my opponent is worried about the casualty total at this point, and I have a bit more room to run and grind my way down field toward a score... remember, you start the second half with the ball if you get the choice. Always the focus is on the dwarves having possession of the ball and keeping it that way.

    I\'ve had pretty good success with my dwarf teams over the years and this philosophy has been a solid one. If your opponent scores early... play slowly toward a tie... just don\'t let them get the ball!

    Best of luck. :beer:

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