How to paint a White Rhino?
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Thread: How to paint a White Rhino?

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    Default How to paint a White Rhino?

    I have a bunch of Sister Vehicles to paint and my sisters are all white and red...Painting minis with a fine brush is fine for me but I feel really out of my element when it comes to vehicles. I would like to paint my rhinos mostly white, but I run into a problem when it comes to the process of doing so. If I paint on a darker colour first and try to bring it white I find that it takes forever, and ever, and ever...If I paint a spay white first I have to apply a wash that I have found to work out ok if I keep it thin enough. Normally when dealing with darker vehicles I just drybrush on lighter colours and do a little hard edging at the end...Whit pure whit though would you only hard edge a darker colour like a grey or brown?

    Any tips on painting white vehicles at all would be awesome or any tutorials on vehicle painting of any colour would be most cool.

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    Prime white, wash over using large flat brush and thinned Spacewolf grey.(Add one brushfull of paint to a Teaspoon of water, and one drop of washing up liquid and mix well.)
    Take the Flat brush in strokes that go top to Bottom of the vehicle.
    Re-highlight with White.
    Pick out details as you want.

    Failing that the other and possibly better way would be to use a good Airbrush to add in the shading around the details. but that presupposes your abilities with an Airbrush.

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    I do have a Single action air brush that I mostly use for terrain. How would you use a airbrush to shade around the details? I would guess a light dusting from arms reach?

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    Using an airbrush is definitely the way to go for vehicles. You can do it by brush but it\'s better and faster to use an airbrush.

    Originally posted by ZMB
    How would you use a airbrush to shade around the details? I would guess a light dusting from arms reach?
    There are many different ways you can use an AB for painting vehicles, including preshading (spraying a dark colour onto the primer into panel lines, recesses and around raised detail - to show up after the base colour goes down as a light shadowing), zenithal spraying (spraying lighter colour from directly above) and other techniques for subtle colour variation instead to start with rather than a totally uniform, flat, basecoat.

    This thread has a lot more on what to look up:

    Many armour-painting techniques also involve quite a bit of brushwork and other techniques as well (sponges/foam, spattering, pigments/pastel dust) which is why it\'s a subject in its own right. Good tips on weathering in this thread if you want to do any:


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    1. Get white paint (lots of it)

    2. Catch Rhino.

    3. Tickle his belly until he falls asleep

    4. Paint

    5. Run.

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    I concur with vike; that is the best way to paint a rhino white. :)

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    i find this topic amusing as i too am wondering how to paint white models! guesse i need to get me some white primer?! all i have right now is gray lol if any 1 else has any tips forp ainting white (im workin on an apothecary) would love to hear em!

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    Actually grey might be a better starting point - it\'ll naturally act as the shadowing colour, so no need the spray any pre-shading. This assumes you\'ll be airbrushing of course, not really feasible to do by brush.


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