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    Hello Everyone! I have decide to try and build a smalll Chaos Space Marine Army. I have one problem though... I dont know which chapter/type to do! What do you guys think? Comments and inspirational pictures would be very helpful, thanks guys!

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    I think the easiest and the quickest for painting is the Black Legion: you undercoat your minis in black and you paint the details, you\'ll have your army very quick. The Red Corsairs are good too and they offer really good paiting opportunities, especially with Huron Blackheart. You also can do a Death Guard army which has a great green colour scheme and Nurgle is really fun to paint. There are also the Emperor\'s Children but I\'ve never tried to paint any. Hope it helps and good luck foryour army.

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    Try the bolter and chainsword chaos space marine painter.

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    Do a warband, you can use all different units, have a colour you want and colour the chapter symbols their original colour, world eaters, death guard ect.

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    the purge look good dead easy, black basecoat, pick out the bits in catachan green then the metals you can then wash all of the model in gryphonne sepia/ogryn flesh job done!

    me personally im startin a world eaters army all that red lol

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    The big question is whether or not you want to use any of the Cult troops from the various different Chaos Gods if you ask me. Certain colors will really clash with any of these guys.

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    i already have a set list that im not going to change (tourney list) and it dosnt have any troops from specific marks/gods.

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