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    Default Colonial Viper

    A submission to christen this revoltingly homogenised new forum. Did Stevie Wonder design the preset colour schemes?

    Anyway, managed to finally finish this:

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    Why do I have to click a f***ing button to use the quick reply!!!!????


    Ahem. Anyway, here are the Viper and Raider together (because I couldn't post more than 4 pics in one post...):

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    They look totally wicked How big are they?

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    Great thing about those kits is they were made off the movie origionals so on the raider you can see all the tank model parts they used to detail the model.

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    Really nice work you talented git!! Is it all done with Airbrush?

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    V nice. I did notice one little nitpick, and that's the callsign decal on the viper seems to either have nullified some of the weathering, or interfered with it. It sticks out a little (very little, this is a nitpick!). Maybe blast it with some of the black weathering sooty dirt you've got around the canopy?

    Super nice, just kicking the tires so to speak. Very well done!

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    Looking amazing munkie! Really great weathering!

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    They're pretty big kits - the Viper is 10-12" nose to tail. Mostly airbrush with artist's oil washes, Tamiya weathering master and some pastels. Decals are a pig on both of these kits as they're laminated with some horrendously thick film that won't dissolve properly with Micro Sol and leaves nasty reflective bits even after matte varnishing. Spent several hours just trying to work the decals into some of the surface detail. They're still not quite right...

    Anyway, onwards with a TIE Fighter, Y-Wing and Slave 1. Should keep me busy for a few months. Might give the Fine Moulds Millennium Falcon a crack once they're done.

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    That is fraking fantastic!

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    Looking forward to Slave I when it's up and running. Are you taking a break from mini's totally, or are these side projects while you paint other figs? The only thing really keeping me from busting out a scale model kit is the fact that I absolutely hate the local model shop here. Good luck!

    I'd like to see a really nice battle damaged "Reliant" from Wrath of Khan, if you're taking requests!

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    I'm enjoying these more than painting figs at the moment.

    I've got my eyes open for a few kits. I'm not a massive Star Trek fan but a Klingon BOP and the Reliant would be cool. Really want a Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter, a Blake's 7 Liberator and a Gunstar from The Last Starfighter, but nobody seems to make them at the moment

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    both very well done, and a lovely bit of nostalgia...
    i'm lookin' forward to seein' the Star Wars kits...

    a Gunstar would be so cool...

    keep up the good work...


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    Its like I'm looking at an animation:O
    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    The Gunstar would be pretty slick. Nobody makes one of those? Hmm.

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    Jeez, you're talented enough Munkie...make your own!

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    I saw the Viper on Facebook Scott and I have to say as a long time Battlestar fan you really have done the kit real justice. I love the subtle weathering just awesome mate.

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    dude, you are my hero! stunning photography and cracking models

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    They're all a bit special aren't they.
    The subtle weathering is the pooch's plums, don't suppose there's any chance you'd feel like writing up a 'tute' or step by step to help out some of your poor relations?
    Great stuff....

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    Dude, I got a challenge I totally know you could make rock....

    Paint up the Klingon Bird of prey as if it's cloaking in/out so the front half is painted regular and paint the back half to match a star field. With your model and photo skills I think you could do something legendary!

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