Non metalic greys please HELP
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Thread: Non metalic greys please HELP

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    Exclamation Non metalic greys please HELP

    hi im a first time poster and im new to painting models (have gamed for a while though).
    i am just starting out and i would like to know what colours to use to paint non metalic gunmetals (irons and steels) please please please help the only thing i ask is can you list it in citadel colours as thats all i use at the mo and getting more is a little hard (lack of funds/ mrs not letting me)

    many thank Thorn

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    I use Chaos Black, Adeptus Battle Grey, Codex Grey, and Skull White.

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    Thanky you for that any others?

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    For a gun metal effect you want a fairly neutral grey, so I think white, codex and black is all you need. You could add some Devlan Mud wash to the darker areas to give it a grimier look, perhaps.
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    I use Charadon granite, codex grey, space wolf grey, white. I use the SW grey as it is slightly blue which I feel suggests that it is reflecting a blue sky.
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