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    Well after yet another break from painting I am ready to get back into it. My concentration span isn't great so I will be doing a few projects at once. I don't have any pictures of my own for this first post but I will be adding some over he next couple of days as actual paint starts to spill.

    First project is thanks to supervike. He sent me a few figures after I offered to help him clear out some of the many figures he has. I will be painting up his contradiction for him. Here is AlexiZ's version.

    Project 2 is a GW chaos army box a friend won by coming 60th out of 62 in a fantasy battle tournament. I am going to start with the marauders as they are my least favourite.

    Project 3 is my ork kommando squad to go with the sargent I painted last time I was painting.
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    It's quite much minis that you wanna paint, good luck.

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    i love that mini. its a real pleasure to paint, so much emotion

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    Oh!! How exciting!

    Almost like watching your child grow!! Except not quite..

    Get crackin!

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    What range is that preacher with a shotgun mini from?

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    It's from Dark Age.
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    it called contradiction and is based on a piece of brom artwork (like most of dark age tbf)

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    ALright I did some work on the contradiction today and discovered I really needed to find my magnifying visor!!! My eyes are complete shit now. I have base coated and started to shade the skin.

    Also started cleaning up the first 4 marauders - they have WAY to many horns and skulls. SO a bit of work cleaning all that nonsense off. They are also all wearing dog collars basically, to hide where the head attaches. I am carving those off, shaping them to the muscles and will have to green stuff where the neck joins the body.

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    will have to set up my pictures properly again but for now this is what you get.

    Smoothed out the shading, tidied up base coat. Will start highlights tomorrow.

    Probably a bit of work on the thumb holding the book needed.

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    Good start on the skin. Are you going to recreate the production mini from the first post, or are you taking this one in a different direction?

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    Very tasty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreganTur View Post
    Good start on the skin. Are you going to recreate the production mini from the first post, or are you taking this one in a different direction?
    Just doing my own thing, looking towards a muted brown look overall. I am imagining him as an itinerant preacher wandering the bad lands sort of feel.

    Everything is going to have a bit of raw umber added to it in order to help unify it.

    Worked on the skin a bit more. Need to add some colour to the lips. Any other suggestions - lighter, darker, 5 o'clock shadow etc?

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    I say just go with your gut.....

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    Going onto shift tonight so no painting for 4 days pretty much.

    This is where he is at for the moment. Skin pretty much done, may revisit it a little at the end but added a bit of red to the lips. Only thing I am think of now is doing a tear with water effects?

    His coat has been shaded and I have started highlights. anting to try and make it look like really worn leather. Happyish with the results so far but wont really know until final highlight stage I guess.

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    The Dark Age line has a lot of great models, but this is one of the best.+
    This guy is a real beauty of a mini.

    I can't wait to see where you go with him, I'm loving the 'preacher' look he has.
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    Looking good, I like the cheek shading quite a bit.

    On a bright note, I think I too may own this fig! I got the LGS to bring me in a bunch of this stuff 'cause the dude said it was pretty cool. I said bring me in a sampling of a dozen mini's or so. I haven't really checked it out yet, but I do really like this one. I hope the whole range is like this!

    Keep up the good work. I like the jacket. The age really shows up on the lower half of the mini's right side for sure. nice.

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    i like the look fo the leather on the bit flapping out, it does look worn. well done

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