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    Been a long time not painting. Tackling the Space Hulk Serg. Using the White Dwarf Eavy Metal article as a guide.

    About half way thru. Base colours blocked in and initial shading done. Still need to add highlights and details. More importantly, pics show up poor blending of colours. Need to go back in a soften some of the blends, while improving definition in certain areas.

    Comments and constructive criticism welcome
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    Good job man. You should blend a bit more your highlights and maybe you should paint less contrast between the highlights and the hollows of the face.
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    Looks good. I would give you 2 pieces of advice though.

    1) water down your paints more, like a couple of drops of water in each pot. it'll go on a little smoother.
    2) If your going to edge a mini to paint he hilights, still brush a lot of the paint off of the brush like you were going to drybrush.You'll have to go over the edges a couple of more times but it'll smooth them out so they don't look so harsh.

    I hope that didn't make me sound like a paint snob.

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    Hi, thanks for comments so far. What paint consistency to use for edging? Still aiming for a very a watered down milky consistency, or rely on minimal paint on the brush to provide the consistency?

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    Go for thinned paint but make sure you don't have much on the brush so you keep control of where it goes.

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    Haven't got back to the red armour, or the face yet. Bidding my time. Filled a few details - gems, seals and cabling.

    Oh well can't avoid it much longer, need to tackle that red. Am thinking a subtle red wash and then onto defining the highlights/edging, taking on board the tips so far. Will get next post up ASAP. Wish me luck!

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    When you get back to the face you may want to consider reworking the forehaed as the creases for the area either side of the nose aren't really working. Also that area is sloightly unbalanced because of the targeting eye so it may be better to keep it smooth or use horozontal wrinkles that noticable intereact with the targeter, maybe pulling in towards it, or just ading to discolouration around it.

    And just so tyou know it took me a good half dozen figures to get back into painting and you've left it far longer than I have

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