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    Default desappeared miniature..

    hi there,
    my posted miniature:

    was desappeared from my database, is a bug? it will return or i have to post it another time?

    thank you!!


    p.s. sorry for my english...

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    Hi Franciuus, the link just sends me to a blank page

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    yes i see... but i posted it.. i have also some comments on, and now i is like that.
    you think i have to post it another time or it's possible to fix the problem?

    Thank you!

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    Now that is weird as I've approved a stack of comments on it today.
    I remember it cos I was seriously impressed.

    Its just not showing in the database and is definitley not awaiting any approval.
    I can't remember it needing any image approval earlier today either.
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    Externally linked images are auto-deleted now if they are broken, they won't even come up for moderation. Broken means the server times out trying to check the image, or receives a 404 error from where it was stored. I would suggest you upload directly to CMoN to prevent this from happening in future.

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