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    Cameras do this to us sometimes, kicks us in the groin and spits on us when we try to get up... It is common, we all feel that way sometimes...

    But today I learned that I shall not practice painting while tired and sitting in bad light... I loved this model on the table, felt almost proud...

    Then I let the camera look at it and all of a sudden my self esteem went through the floor. I have done much better before.

    Ah, well, what kind of an artist would I be if I only showed the stuff I liked myself?

    Well, have you guys got any tips on how to save this girl from the bin?

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    Not sure what to say on how to improve it, but I actually quite like the mini - painting and all Only thing that does look a little off is the face - the laptop I'm on has a pretty small pixels so it's not that easy to look properly though.

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    Not enough light and you put you miniature too close to the camera. I don't know the mini but assuming it is 28mm you blew it up at least 3 times, possibly more. One have to paint like a god and have a lot of self-confidence to magnify miniatures like this. There used to be a thread here where various top painters used to show their stuff at maximum possible magnification. At some point you start seeing brushstrokes that eye is unable to see.

    Did you use flash to take this picture? If yes, then don't. Flash tend to flatten things and kill blendings.

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    The face and highlights both seem a little streaky. Not sure if a another thin layer would help or not. Might have to paint over both areas.
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    red galzes to smooth the highlights on the cloth

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    The armor is not really that bad. The face is covered by a metal mask (armor?) as well. Throws me off.

    The back of the cloak goes from dark red to bright yellow with very little transition. As Hestan said, some red washes and thin yellow glazes might smooth that back out.
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    seriously though, i know what you mean. The same piece can look so much different depending on the light. And metallics never look good with camera flash

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    thanks guys. Well, I haven't increased the image size, rather the opposite, it is about a third of what it is raw. The lighting is definitely not good, not able to take proper shots at the moment.

    It is a 28mm, maybe I should have said that as well.
    Oh, and I picked her up at Wargames Foundry when I visited GD this year.

    Was just thinking about perhaps making the face of the model ceramic instead, just to build contrast.
    I'll try some thin reds on the cloak and see what happens.

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    Meh, it looks fine. Power through and move on. If you're not that happy, there's always next time tiger!

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    True that Scott, but now that I'm in a better mood and have slept for a while I am ready to give it a try to get more satisfied with the mini.

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    Chrome , if you are that dissatisfied with her strip her and start over.
    Use the photos as a tacit reminder of what you DON'T want to achieve.
    After all if you do strip her down you won't be alone in having done that.
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    i dont think she's that bad. you could do better though...

    i hate it when you take photos and all of a sudden a mini looks shite though. happens to me a LOT

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, if anybody wants tips on how to take great photos just ask me.

    ps Strip the model.

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    Chrome there seems to be one answer that everyone has overlooked. You just need to paint with the camera strapped over you eyes.

    ok ok
    TBH id set it aside and move on till you either strip it or touch it up.
    good luck
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    well i think that if you re-paint the cloak (which is way to heavily bleneded..) it not that bad. if its for playing i wouldnt bother repaint it tho. you know, people will not die looking at it...

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