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    Default Dark elves tower

    Hello friends

    Today I want to share my first diorama with you.

    Luckily I won a futher slayer sword with the tower.
    On my new website I wrote some words about it and there is also a toturial as the tower was built.

    For votes and comments I`m always thankfull:


    Thanks, best regards, your derwish

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    a very cool scene

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    Really very nice, the interaction between elements is exceptional.

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    loving the whole set up, how did you do the scales on the Cold One?

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    Wow! That's absolutely amazing! Excellent work.

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    I wish you could swear on here as all I waht to say is f******g A

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    this is truly awesome! poor poor gobbo...

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    Beeautiful work, and grats on the sword!

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    Well it's an incredible model.....congrats on the SS win....it looks like it was deserved!

    I love the amount of detail you've included, and every angle of viewing holds interest.....and the quality of workmanship is superb

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    Superb - well deserved sword

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    Beautiful! Wish I could come up with something more negative/constructive but I just can't.

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    Love it, attention to detail etc is just superb A very well deserved sword win congratulations
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    excellent. How did you do the fences, with all the nice decorative swirls and all?

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    A beautifully realized piece of work, congratulations on the well deserved sword Dervish. Cheers, B.

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    Fantastic and inspiring piece I've just Google Translated the article on your website - brilliant read!

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    WOW! fantastic, I love how interactive the scene is. So much to look at. Well deserved win!

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    Heyho, thank you a lot you are very kind.

    I tried to make it more easy to understand what I`ve written... you can now translate my site directly (Flags on the left) and the drop down menue (42 languages!!!)
    Well, it`s not a correct translation, but it`s more important, that you can understand.

    Thanks again, have fun, Stephan

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    Quality stuff! I really like the design of it, and you've put a lot of effort in the details, which pays off tremendously. Well deserved win! Seeing the construction photos is great! Thanks for sharing!
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    Ich hab's gelesen und es ist wirklich grandios.

    Excuse my german btw, hehe. great work, again.

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    Incredibly impressive!

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