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    I believe I have said it in the thread for your terminator Sgt already but I shall repeat it here now, lose the distracting backgrounds.

    Most of your stuff is already scoring high 7's boardering 8 but the biggest thing letting you down is the photos, get a couple of sheets of plain card or paper in various colours/pastels nothing fancy to distract the eye light blue or cream will do and play with the camera and lighting and you will easily gain 1/2 a point or a full point but until you do this that magic number wil always elude you.

    Black seems to be the new "in Background colour" but it wipes out a lot of the detail on a figure so avoid it stick to a plain pastel colour.
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    thanks guys.

    i will look through the articles once more.

    i have posted a first wip in the correct section so for those who feel like helping me further (with this specific mini) i can recomend that thread instead.

    once again thanks.

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