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    Default project presentation "Tartar Miniaturs"

    Now I wish to present the project of the Russian sculptors -"Tartar Miniatures"
    We chose the scale 75mm, metal.
    Project starts with the line - "Warriors of the World" represented by the Cossak Zaporozie.
    scultorre: Igor Degtiaryov "Filin"
    L `other line -" Ancient World "begins with two warriors Sanita and Etruscan.
    sculptor: Sergey Lupanov
    Painting: Ruslan Vorobyov

    figures will be on sale from late December to January.

    For distributorship contact me
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    nice stuff, i especially like the cossack

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    Very nice indeed!

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    Sale from 7 December, the first three oject: Zaporozhian Cossack, Etruscan, Samne.

    writing e-mail address
    Otherwise you can do pre-orders for January.

    P.S. For retailers please write e-mail to the address
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    These days will cast two other objects of Tartar Miniatures: Greek, which opens the new line "Heroes of the myths" by sculptor by Eugeniy Sergienko and Warrior Italico by Sergey Lupanov
    Will be in business in January

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    It's been over a year that our company is out of the miniature on the market.
    The first three figures have been taken out of production but there are inventories in the warehouse.
    In the meantime has left many other parts in the various scales, both in metal and resin. All products can be seen in our blog:

    For all business proposals please write e-mail:

    Now let me introduce you step by step the miniatures that I came from Tartar Miniatures.
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    Captain Lansquenet XVI century.,
    "75 mm",
    white metal
    Sculpted by Oleg Pogosyan
    Painted box art for S. Popovichenko

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    Warlord Maya XVI century.,
    " 75 mm",
    white metal
    Sculpted by S. Shamenkov.
    Painted for box art from A. Vorobyov

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    Warrior Piceno VI-V century BC
    Appear in 75 mm, white metal.
    Sculpted by O. Pogosyan (Ukraine), painted by St. Popovichenko (Ukraine).
    Mounting Kit includes two shields, two heads, one of them with removable helmet and two pairs of arms. Then the piece can be mounted in two versions: first as `el Piceno other greek warrior (or italics)
    For historical research to the completion of Piceno want to thank Roberto Cianetti (Secutor).

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    Warlord Maya XV-XVI c.
    La scala 1\9
    Resin Kit
    Sculpted by Sergey Savenkov (Italia)
    Painted by Sergey Popovichenko (Ucraina)

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    Two mini busts (scale 1 \ 20) that open the line Wild West:
    1. Blackfoot indian
    Scale: 1 \ 20
    resin kit
    sculptor Sergey Savenkov (Italy)
    painter: Popovicenko Sergey (Ukraine)

    2. Sheriff
    scale 1 \ 20

    sculptor Sergey Savenkov (Italy)
    painter Giuseppe Lapi (Italy)

    Paintner: Roberto Zanardi (Italy)

    3. The first appears in 54 mm German Stormtrooper 1918
    resin kit
    scupted: Alexander Deryabin (Russia)

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    In November 2010 we launched a new line "CIRCUS"

    1.Evil Clown
    Scale: 1\11
    resin kit
    sculpted by : Sergey Savenkov
    painted by : Massimo Pasquali

    2.Bad Bunny
    resin kit
    sculpted by : Sergey Savenkov
    painted: Konstantin Pinaev

    3. Santa Claus...Caribbean
    resin kit
    sculpted by : Alexandr Deryabin and Sergey Savenkov
    painted by: Oksana Savenkova

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    I present the news of February.

    1. Greek Hoplite VII c. BC
    54 mm, resin kit
    Sculpted by Dmitry Pozdnyakov (Russia)
    Painted by Sergey Popovichenko (Ukraine)

    Celtic Warrior III c. BC
    resin kit

    Sculpted by Oleg Pogosyan (Ukraine) and Evgeny Sergienko (Germany)
    Painted by Popovichenko Sergey (Ukraine)

    3. News in the line of mini-busts
    1:20 scale, resin kit
    Sculpted by Sergey Savenkov (Italy)
    Painted by Sergey Popovichenko (Ukraine)

    Latest news in February in line Circus
    Bust PILOT
    1:10 scale, resin kit
    Sculpted by Sergey Savenkov (Italy)
    Painted by Oksana Savenkova (Italy)

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    Thats some nice minis you got there.
    Any chances on more west European stuff this Cossack?

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    Good morning everyone!
    I present the news of Tartar Miniatures
    1. Greek hoplite, the second half of the sixth century. BC
    resin kit
    sculpted by: Dmitriy Pozdnyakov
    painted by: Ruslan Vorobyov

    D `forward is a greek hoplite-aristocrat. Noble warriors because of their status and to maintain its reputation had to fight in the front row of the phalanx on the right side of his honorable.
    Greek has a set of bronze armor of the expensive frills. On his head the helmet of Corinthian type with relief decorations (see copy of the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, illus. 1).

    Torso is protected with the armor in the shape of a bell (2 nd half. VI BC, illus. 4).

    The same period are leggings and armor to protect the arms ( illus. 2).

    The emblem of a shield reproduces the real discovery of Olympia ( illus. 3).

    Warrior armed with a short sword thrust.
    He wears a short tunic. Tunica could be red, blue, brown, white, ornamented on the board.
    Warrior shod in leather sandals.
    The entire sculpture is based on the graphic reconstruction of Peter Connolly ( illus. 7),

    on real images, and archaeological finds of the second half of the sixth century. BC.
    ( illus. 1-6).
    We thank Anton Dedyulkin for historical research.

    For information and purchases please contact us
    tartar.miniatures @

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    2. Huntress
    resin kit
    scultore: Aleksandr Deryabin

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    . Orc bust
    the scale 1 \ 12
    resin kit
    sculpted by Alexander Deryabin
    painted by S. Popovicenko

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    Huntress, 54 mm, resin kit
    resin kit
    Sculpted by Alexander Deryabin
    Painted by Roberto Zanardi

    You receive pre-orders

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