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    Meet the paintings for box art Tartar Miniatures.

    Barbarian King, 54 mm, resin kits (DISPONIBILE!)
    resin kit
    Sculpted by Oleg Pogosyan
    Painting by Sergey Popovichenko

    To purchase, write down

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    75 mm, resin kit
    Sculpted by Alexander Deryabin

    Painted for box art: Konstantin Pinaev

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    European knight XIV-XV c.
    This bust will be presented by El Greco Miniatures
    EuroMilitaire in 2011

    As news of the Tartar Miniatures
    Scale 1\9
    Resin kit
    Sculpted by : Sergey Savenkov
    Painted by Sergey Popovicenko
    for box art “Tartar Miniatures”

    For orders and private distributors contact with PM or e-mail:

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    Crown of the Libyan Revolution
    News of Tartar Miniatures will be available end of September!
    The scale 1 \ 10
    Resin kit
    sculptor Alexander Deryabin

    image hosting

    Here's the photo from which the sculptor has taken ideas

    upload png

    painted S.Popovichenko

    For orders and private distributors contact with PM or e-mail:

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    News from Tartar Miniatures
    Teutonic Knight XIII-XIV c.
    54 mm
    the figure in white metal, with the cape and base resin.
    Sculpted by Vitaly Semenchenko
    Painted by Ruslan Vorobyov

    psd upload

    For orders and private distributors contact with PM or e-mail:

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    News of Tartar Miniatures-June
    Zombie Knight
    resin kit
    weght: 80 gr
    sculpted by Sergey Savenkov (Italy)

    We offer two versions of paint boxart:
    painted by Sergey Popovichenko (Ukraina)

    image upload

    painted by Amon Chakai (Italia)

    image upload

    For orders please contact us by e-mail:
    tartar.miniatures @

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    Hetair, Macedonian Army,IV c. B.C.
    Present news in February by Tartar Miniatures
    54 mm, white metal
    23 pieces to be assembled
    Figure of a horse reinforced with wire.
    Sculptor Dmitry Pozdnyakov
    Painter Sergey Popovichenko

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    France tambour-major
    (line infantry - 1810)
    white metal

    sculpted by Vitaly Semenchenko
    painted by Konstantin Pinaev

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    the pirate
    resin kit
    22 gr.
    The scale of 1:11
    Sculpted by Sergey Savenkov (Italia)
    Painted by Konstantin Pinaev (Ucraine)

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    scale 160мм
    weight: 70g
    resin kit
    sculpted by Sergey Savenkov (Italia)
    painted by Konstantin Pinaev (Ucraina)

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    Rudolf von Sachsenhausen (1371)
    white meta

    sculpted by Dmitry Pozdnyakov
    painted by Sergey Popovichenko

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    The scene "SON", made ​​of metal in 54 mm scale.
    Sculptor: Alexander Deryabin (Russia)
    Painted by Sergey Popovicenko (Ucraina)
    1. The scene"SON"
    kit 18 pieces
    with the metal base-490 gr.
    with the base resin -230 gr.

    2. Spartan hoplite
    kit 12 pieces
    weight: 120 gr

    3. Little warrior
    kit 9 pieces
    weight: 110 gr

    4. Ancient surroundings
    two versions

    the metal base-330 gr
    the base resin-80 gr

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    name: Roman Veteran
    scale: 1:9
    resin kit: 3 pieces
    weight: 80 gr.
    sculpted by: Sergey Savenkov (Italy)
    painting by: Sergey Popovichenko(Ukraina)

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    resin kit
    scale "75" mm
    actual height 50mm
    5 pieces
    sculpted by Sergey Savenkov (Italia)
    painted by Kostantin Pinaev (Ukraina)

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    Killer of Dragons
    resin kit
    200 mm
    weight 70g.
    scultore: Sergey Savenkov(Italy)

    box art :
    first version: Sergey Popovichenko (Ukraina)

    second version: Davide Rapazzini (Rapaz) Italy
    (accessory ring is not included in the kit)

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    I would like to present to you the news of Tartar Miniatures.
    General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery in England, 1943
    120 mm, resin kit
    Sculptor Igor Kordyukov

    To purchase please contact:
    in England - "El Greco Miniatures"
    in USA- The Red Lancers
    in Slovak and Czech republic- Vertigo Miniatures
    in Italy -" Il Modellismo" di Ferrara
    And directly "Tartar Miniatures", shipments from Italy all over the world.

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