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    Hey guys this is the first piece I posted in a while crits and comments greatly appreciated.

    vote please

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    Ok First off: Lose that background, the diagonal stripes really detract from looking at the mini. I find it uncomfortable to look at due to my astigmatism, so others may be in the same boat.

    As for the mini, overall the contrast range isn't as large as it needs to be. You don't have a definite Dark nor a clear Highlight. This is shown mostly on the grey of the armour.
    Also on the face there is not enough tonal range for highlighting try adding a touch of Purple to your skin tone for the recesses in the cheek areas and perhaps a tiny glaze of dark red into the hair border.

    If you are wanting to go and try NMM you need to remember that metal reflects light in specific ways. Try looking at Cutlery in differing lights to see how round and flat surfaces reflect the light and have "Flare spots" of
    almost white.
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    Sorry about the stripes I was msitaken on what size I could post here so I am going to change it up. I also saved the tutorial on Gimp as I just put it on my Home computer. Hopefully I can get it onto a nice background. I am going to post a new better pic tomorrow and take this one down. For someone I thought it could only be 400 pixels wide.

    Thank you Dragonsreach for your wisdom. As in NMM i am no where near to trying that yet.

    A quick question what kind of back ground is the best to use a gradient?
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    Go for a plain pastel background or a fade from one colour to another i.e. a very light blue/white fade you could also use an off white or grey background depending on the colours used for the mini, some photo better on different backgrounds than others.
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    The only problem with taking another photo of the mini know is I do not have it any longer. I gave it to the guy who I painted it for. I have to gimp one behind the pic but I can do that now I put GIMP on my home computer and have read the great article on how to use the program and I am going to fix it tommorrow.

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    if you paint stuff for others, be shure to take ace photos before you hand it over that youre really happy with. you will regret it later otherwise, trust me...

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    I hope this is better than the other photo. Let me know if it is better or worse please.

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