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    Question space marine names

    hey guys im writing up some fluff and i rosters and i was wondering if there were any web sites that have list of spae marine names i dont just want to make somethign up thed dosnt fit so is there a name genartor or something

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    Alot of the space marine/imperial names are based off of latin. Therefore I would suggest you buy a latin dictionary or find one online. Then you can choose english words that apply to your characters and use the latin word for them as a name.

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    thank for the help im gonna go find one

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    I don't know if you can still find it, or if you want to spend the money, but Troll Lord Games (I think) has a book called "Gary Gygax's Extraordinary Book of Names." You'll never want for name ideas again - at least, name ideas based on real life languages. It even has stuff from dead languages.

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    Here's a link to a site that features a lot of the GW names that have appeared over the years. It's not to up to date and doesn't include those featured in the Horus Heresy novels but there are still a lot to choose from.

    I've been working on updating the list myself to include those from the books, which I could send out if people are interested?
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    thank you all so much this has been a wealth of infomation i guess im just kinda wierd to do my won codex for friendly games but at least the fluff wont be thron off by names that dont fit the cannon of the game

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    Talking Hi all

    well names now you wish you never thow out thows phon books y e s i seed phon books graet names in thare try non USA ones anuther sors is the good old hisstorty must be a gelral or to that you like me the new ons like potraus (yes spelt rong ) china hade some to oh ek WWI WWII hade some to the thares SHAKSPEER well i still like the phon book well thanks WKJR

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