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    I am starting on my first Warmachine piece. It is a Talon warjack would it work if I used a wash to fill in the recesses for some shading? I will take some pics of it when I get home to post here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devoncodain View Post
    ...........would it work if I used a wash to fill in the recesses for some shading?
    Yes and No.
    Having looked at a Talon there is a lot of area to cover, using a wash ALONE may not give you the depth of shadow that you will need.
    I'd seriously suggest working on darker colours enhanced with controlled glazes for the recesses, something along the lines of Automaton's Article.
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    Well I am kinda forgetting about my log here I have finished the talon all I need to do now is finish a little on the base.
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    On my recent project I need a few tips on how to sculpt in a little scale mail on a mini I modified.

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    O.K. here are a couple of long overdue projects I want to finish any help would be appreciated.

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    Some Shading and highlighting on the Scottish? guy would improve his over all look. As he looks pretty flat right now.

    I'm not entirely sure we're your going with the Space Wolf guy though :P Maybe a little explanation on what you plan to do with them would help.

    Cheers, Gary.

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    That is kinda it with the Space Wolf Wulfen I am stumped I do not know how to proceede with him.

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    Well, it seems you've divided him in two correct? with the colour scheme, one side the light blue grey, the other black?

    I would say paint the rest of him. Get all your basecoats on the model as there seems to be pipes and other things that are still painted black and have paint on them. So Clean him up and post a pic and it shoudl be able to give a better idea of how to proceed.

    Cheers, Gary.

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    The wulfen all start out with the correct space wolf grey armor, but they've been in the Eye for so long that armor falls off and apart without the Adeptus Mechanicus to repair it, so they pick up pieces off the chaotic types that they fight. Hence the black armor supplementing the normal grey.

    But yeah, looks like you just have a base coat on there. I'd start with a good wash, clean up some details then see where you are. Beyond that, there are many more people on the forum with more experience than I. Good luck though. Can't wait to see the warjack, either. I'm about to start painting some Warmachine myself!
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    Please excuss the lighting guys and gals but I need c&c on this little fella's peepers and skin tones.


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    Honestly can't see it well enough to try. Can anyone do some photoshop magic to fix the lighting?
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    Yes please I forgot my flashdrive today could someone clean it up a little for me I would be greatly appreciative.

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    Another photo with better lighting would help tremendously. Also, try putting something behind the miniature. That way we don't see all this other stuff. It also helps to crop photos.

    Cheerio. Gary.

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    here, It's the best I feel like doing before breakfast. XD I think a new pic with a less sunshiny background would be nice though.
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    It's a neat mini; I like the flail. Where's it from?
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    The mini itself is a reaper warlord mini. Specifically it is Dingo, Merc Srgt. He had a sword so I cut that off but a GW marauders flail on him and filled the scabbard of the back of him.

    Thanks chrome. Unfortunately I took that pic at about 9 at night.

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    Ah, then it's the desklight that shines so bright then...
    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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    Here are a few I started today C & C welcome.

    Command Squad Marine

    Veteran Squad Marine

    Devastator Squad Marine

    Assault Squad Marine

    Tactical Squad Marine

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    Well the pics for these are a lot better. The colour scheme works well... I take it this is going to be your own chapter? Personally I would have the gold trim on both shoulder pads as i think it would tie in the different colours of the pads better, but that's just me.

    A good base to work up from. Some highlighting would go wonders or even just tidying up the areas where the wash has pooled would help to clean things up as they look a bit "grubby", but then again that may be the way you want them to look.
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    I agree with nels0nmac. But I have a little suggetion to your paintings. When you work with inks, dont put it on the whole mini, but start to controll it. Brush it into the direction, where the shadows should be, not the whole part.
    Perhaps thinn it a little bit with water and brush the shadows two or three times. So the depth will be greater and it does not look patchy.

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