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    Default Sunday

    It's Sunday, I'm in work, I've got a headache from ale yesterday and a (metaphorical) pain in my heart from watching Wales lose to New Zealand again. I'm hungry and far from my bed; and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, but that's an Autumn thing I suppose (as a for instance, I nicked some deodorant off of Shel's 13yr old boy yesterday before heading out for the rugby. Lynx Africa. I felt like I was his age again, wearing the very same deodorant. It then reminded me of opening HeroQuest at Christmas - deodorant being a Christmas thing - and of painting Skaven from my Advanced HeroQuest box. Not sure if it was a nice feeling or a sad feeling). I've been drinking no.40's from the vending machine all morning (in since 7am) and I've got the taste of hot chocolate permanently in my mouth. It's pushing on 10am, and I'm wondering what I would be doing on a Sunday, years back (nostalgia again). The answer? Going to church. How times change, eh? I used to go because I wanted to as well, not because of a religious family. I loved it, sitting with the men at the front, popping up and saying a prayer now and again, choosing a hymn, reading part of it out so that the old birds could get the page before the singing started . It's a shame I can't get back into it, because it was a nice feeling being part of a group that was like-minded. I don't think I've ever quite replaced that gap in my life, so I think I need to get involved in some regular group activities again (swinging is not an applicable group activity, nor Naturism )

    I'm reminiscing like it were 1995!

    What are you doing today, and what would you have done in, say, 1995?

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    Being a three year old todler.. at church

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverend View Post

    What are you doing today, and what would you have done in, say, 1995?
    Today as then, Observing the 11:00 silence.

    Other than that back in 1995 I'd have been taking the dog for a walk, Sunday being the day we really stretched our legs.
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    I got up at 7.30, had some jam and bread, fed a couple of hundred cows, took a short driving lesson around the farm, bombed about in a tractor, moved some bales, had a cuppa and 5 mins, now it's back to clearing briars from electric fences so the cows can be herded in.

    In 1995 I would have been watching kids TV and eating coco pops.

    Peace and love...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Today as then, Observing the 11:00 silence.

    Good point, squire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matty1001 View Post
    I got up at 7.30, had some jam and bread, fed a couple of hundred cows, took a short driving lesson around the farm, bombed about in a tractor, moved some bales, had a cuppa and 5 mins, now it's back to clearing briars from electric fences so the cows can be herded in.

    In 1995 I would have been watching kids TV and eating coco pops.

    Peace and love...
    Ah, the Good Life

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    Today I'm having a Sunday, feeling quite cheerful since today is the day my sambo decided that I was worth all the trouble some time ago. We will probably try to make something fancy to eat and just have a relaxing day before the hectic days of ordinary life decides to take over again. I just might do some actual sculpting today...

    What did I do on a Sunday in 1995? Well I probably lay in bed, reading yet another fantasy novel, ignoring my heaps of homework that I didn't really need nor want to do no matter what my teachers told me. Or maybe I was out, playfully destroying the beautiful blanket of newly fallen snow together with my sister since that actually existed in November back in those days...
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    today, a bit of a lie in (got woken up yesterday by workmen doing the pavement outside my house at 0730 - ON A BLOODY SATURDAY!!), still in my pj's surfin tinternet (spent a fair bit already but there is a zombie hoard that will tot up to £139 odd that i really like). i am at home so i can smell my mums belly pork in the oven (having cocked mine up during the week! gotta get used to my oven). bit o sculpting later then my old man and i are gonna have a look at my new loft ladder to see if we can figure out how we are gonna attach it to the trapdoor. hopefully then my mate will be back from birmingham so i can see him for an hour or so before going back to cardiff

    in 95..i would have been 14 so i would have just started painting (even worse than i do now) so i would prolly be up in the loft freezing my arse off knocking out loads of crap paint jobs!

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    Just done some exercise on the wii fit, to try and get my body and mind back to what it was like in 1995, I'm not giving up yet lol.

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    Sunday...lets see, well I was up at 6am this morning and loaded up the wagon ready for a bit of beach cleaning, machette etc just in case the paths had been blocked again, I have just got back its 5.40pm my back hurts and I am in need of a shower and food.
    Collected the usual hoard of junk washed up on the beach and catalogued it all, Plastic bottles, polystyrene and flip flops being the bulk of it all, got to see the turtles coming up and down the beach first thing and thankfully didn't get one washed up today dead tangled in fishing net

    What was I doing in 1995?

    At sea probably being bounced around by bad weather
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    In 1995 a typical Sunday for me was something like this: Woke up at noon at a friend's house with a champion hangover, smelling like a sewer after spending Saturday night at some dingy club where the air was thick with cigarette smoke (it wasn't banned back then). My face would be smeared with make-up and my scalp would be sore from crimping and ruffling the hair and putting loads of hairspray in it. I would have a slight anxiety over how much money I spent on drink. We would then eat a meager breakfast if there was anything in the house to eat, or we would go to some coffee shop or convenience store to eat something, then talk for a few hours before I took the train home. I'd probably be home at about six o'clock in the evening, have dinner and watch TV for the rest of the night. Perhaps study a bit, if I had to.

    Today I woke up at noon, but that's where the similarities end. I didn't have a hangover as I only had a few glasses of port last night. I made pancakes for breakfast and I've just finished eating it. My girlfriend is reading the Sunday paper and I'm sitting here by the computer for a bit. Today I'm going to go grocery shopping for the upcoming week, then do some painting and put up the first step of my paint-along tutorial on the WAMP forum later tonight.
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    Woke up just a bit ago and have had my coffee. Today I have to go to the playhouse and finish painting the sets. Then I'll probably come back home, spend some time with my daughter, do laundry and try my best to finish an entry for the WaMP monthly contest.

    In '95, I probably would have been getting ready to go to work at the pizza joint since I always worked weekends.

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    in 1995 I just graduated High School and was living just south of Edmonton. My Sunday morning would've been a lot like Anders, except about the makeup and gay hairspray. My hair would be crusty from good ole fashioned puke! And my scalp would sometimes hurt from where a dude had beaten me about the head with his fists. Good times!

    This mornin I am herding the kids around the house, getting the breakfast and stuff. Preparing for a good afternoon paint session of a couple hourse or so (I hope).

    I like today better than '95. I'm glad I lived the life I did as it makes me appreciate today that much more. I had a LOT of fun then, and I aim to keep having fun today. Just a different speed of fun is all.

    Good nostalgia inspiring thread Reverend!

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    This morning, waking up at about9, going to a pre game rugby training and playing till 12. The game started at 11 so us who were starting stared out across pitch at the other team for a silent minute, and then playing the most horrific game in the most horrific weather.

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    This morning getting up at 6:30 and the getting to the office a 8 work my 12 hrs and get some painting done.

    In 95 been lucky if I was up before noon.

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    woke up, checked email, chatted a bit, now off to do homework for an exam and painting my master copy for school.

    In 95 dealing with a 9year old and a 2 year old and cleaning house getting ready for the week of labor in other peoples gardens..oh the joy.

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    Today? I just got up a bit ago. I'll be working a 12 hour shift today (poor Roger has to be here all alone again). But first it's a face to face (on MSN) with Roger's Mom and sister. We're all looking forward to it.

    1995? I was at home with a 5 year old answering all kinds of "why" questions and trying to get him to finish up his Halloween candy so I wouldn't have to deal with the sugar high until Christmas.
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    Sunday..............woke up actually had a lie in until 9:00 which is unusual for me. Had a bit of sa headache from drinking a bottle of wine last night. After going out spending the day in TOY'S R US......going oooooh, Aaaah and secretly thinking I wont that and that and that just for me.

    Been doing some DIY which seems to be a weekly chore at the moment.

    Checked my lottery results to see if i have to get up in the morning........unfortunatley I do.

    Faffing about for the rest of the day until it gets to about 7:30pm when I'll get my weekly depression knowing that I have to go back into a job I hate for another 40+ hours. Wishing for friday to come and hating the fact that I'm wishing my life away.

    In 1995 I had just finished school was living at home and working as a labourer for my uncle earning my first bit of money, and loveing the fact that I could buy stuff for the first time.

    @ Rev - what's wrong with wearing Lynx now (I'm 31), that's my daily deodrant.

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    aaah lynx "because you couldn't be arsed to wash and are happy to smell like everyone else on the train!"

    i still use it occasionally although i prefer right guard as it lasts longer

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    aaah lynx "because you couldn't be arsed to wash and are happy to smell like everyone else on the train!"
    Please note not all Lynx wearers (aka me) fit this description.

    I don't catch the train

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