Genestealer head variants for casting

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  • Octopoid

    6 17.65%
  • Eyeless

    3 8.82%
  • Pincer

    25 73.53%
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Thread: Genestealer head variants for casting

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    Default Genestealer head variants for casting

    Hi guys & gals I'm planing to make some genestealer heads diferent variants for casting and did some quick sketches of 3 ideas wich I will pick one and make some diferent poses for it... But the thing is I have 3 concepts and need to choose just one, so can you folks help me out here choosing the one you think its the best for genestealers heads?

    OCTOPOID head

    EYELESS head

    PINCER head

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    I like the 2nd one the best, but would like it even better with eyes.


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    I like both the first and the last concepts.

    the 2nd one doesn't seem to be that different from a standard head.

    If I had to choose 1 though I'd go for 3. Just for it being the most different.

    Lovely sketches, some new bodies or arm types would go nice with them heads.

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    Can't choose between 2 or 3. Love them both. I suppose if I was being tortured, then 3 would win out - mainly because I can see that one being more flexible for variants.

    Lovely sketches though

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    No 3 looks best to me, the middle one looks to much like a GW head already in production,

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    another vote for 3

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    I also vote for 3.

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    I vote all the above, their all great! well done cant wait to see um cast and painted

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    All look great.
    I like #2, very cthulu like
    but #1 is most dramatic.

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    I vote number 3 as its the one that looks like if shot off it can still come after you.
    a la thing
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    I like them all ...but they remind me of
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Alien
    3. Predator
    My vote is for 3, although concept drawings tend to differ from a prototype,
    can't you do all 3 on a sprue? if you intend to sell them generally people prefer a choice...

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    i vote for nr 3, very predator-ish. but theyre all good!

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    Tough one... I like all of them, but I think I like number 2 the most. Mostly because of the 'no eyes' idea, its adding more to the whole 'alien on the inside too' idea:P
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    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    I voted for 3 but there all really good. The 2nd one reminds me of something but I dont know what.....stu.....

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    i like number one its kinda scary and would look on the table ....but it also looks like a monster form one of thos skecty animes too but definly one or three

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    Defo number 3... no wait number 2... hang about number 1 is pretty awesome as well. Ok on reflection number 3 is the most unlike the current heads I'd try that one. Hell I'm sure they'd all look good

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    Thank you all that voted on this pool, it really helped me up making my mind.
    I runned this same pool in 12 forums for a week to have a wider prespective and the results are very clear and I will share them here:

    Pincer head got 195 votes
    Octopoid head got 99 votes
    Eyeless head got 62 votes

    A total of 356 votes.

    So I will sculpt some pincer head variants and maybe I could also mix the octopoid encefalo on the pincer mouth... I will keep everyone posted on progress in a new modelling thread I will open just for this work.

    Again thanks all its time to let the bugs out.

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    Hi folks the winner was the Pincer head... and here is my first green for it.

    I will try to make One head closed another one semi opened (this one) and finally one wide open..

    So do you like it or I failed big time?

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    they are nice indeed. ^^
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    Very good sculpt.

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