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    Just to let you know there has been a slight change in the prize list. The raging Heroes prizes have been re-allocated. The 54mm commend set is now part of the best fantasy category and the 28mm set is now part of the 'most money raised' prize

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    Less than 4 weeks to go folks - still time to get some more entries in - plenty of spaces up for grabs!

    Total raised is around the £650 mark and we currently have 73 entries.

    The following categories still have less entries than prizes:
    Avatars of War
    Guild of Harmony
    Ironwind metals
    Kingdom Death
    Myrmidon Studios
    Pulp City
    RAFM Miniatures
    Raging heroes
    Redbox Games
    Reiver Castings
    Studio Mcvey
    Urban Mammoth

    Any categories not getting full entries will have some prizes auctioned off so why not enter something - if your the only entry in a category your bound to win something!!
    Remember I can arrange auctions for you so dont let that put you off.
    Please ,please try and enter something if you havent already, most of us have something collecting dust we could enter - it can be from any manufacturer, it can be a piece of scenery, terrain , vehicle, anything at all.
    Even if you cant enter you can still donate to the casue if you wish at



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    Quick heads up folks just under two weeks to go still tons of categories with few entries.hope to see some of you have a go

    even if your not interested in entering the auctions are up and running and been added as more entries appear. you can see the latest entries here:
    charity auction

    full contest details can be found at

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    1 WEEK TO GO!!

    this time next sunday the worlds largest ever miniature painting contest will close for entries - time ticking folks make sure you get those last entries in. Still tons of opportunites to win some almost gauranteed prizes!

    Deadline is 6pm Sunday 28th March

    My wife and 4 year old daughter have even picked up paintbrushes for the first time to help the cause - I hope more of you can do the same

    more auctions of entries are on there too - even if you cant enter maybe you might find something to bid on

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    only 2 days to go!!

    loads of prizes to win, all for a great cause, please try and enter something if you can , we have even had an entry from my 4 year old - even if its something you painted ages ago and its sat collecting dust - stick it in, the more the merrier!

    even if your unable to enter at least have a look at the auctions - there may be something takes your fancy

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    Unfortunatley we encountered a hosting problem late last night (yeah great timing isnt it!!). The site will be back up and running as soon as possible. The contest is still running (though we may extend the deadline for folks.) I hope you bear with us if you are trying to access the site.
    again my apologies. I shall post here as soon as its up and running again


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    To compensate for the downtime the deadline for little angels will be extended for 48 hours from now. The new deadline will be 6pm on Wednesday (31st March) times in GMT.
    Items must be placed for auction no later than 48 hours after the deadline, so by the 2nd April

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    Thanks for the update on the deadline! Look forward to seeing WAMP back.

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    24 hours to go until the Little Angels deadline folks.
    Still more prizes than entries (and we have 121 entries!!)
    so please please please try and hep out, its all for a good cause and could win you some nice mini related booty

    please use the following url:

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    The following categories currently have less entries than places meaning if you were to enter something into one of these and no further people do you are GUARANTEED TO WIN A PRIZE!:
    Guild of Harmony, Ironwind metals, Kabuki, Minipainters, Pulp City, Reiver, Rolljordan.

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    we just need 5 more entries to make 150 - last chance folks - got 25 minutes to be super cool and charitable!

    if you have an old painted mini you could donate to a super fantastic cause then goto and register and upload or email pics to me at

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    Yes folks the time has finally come to decide the winners of the worlds biggets miniature painting contest, though in my eyes everyone thats taken part is a winner. Sadly though we cant give prizes to everyone though we had a pretty good go with £2000 worth!! We have over 150 entries for you to evaluate and deem a few worthy of some mini related goodies. Best in show alone is worth over £315 in prizes so choose wisely!
    Voting is open to anyone as long as you are registered on wamp - if not registration is quick easy and free. It doesnt matter whether you entered the contest or not you can still vote.
    You have one vote each per category so choose wisely.
    The polls will remain open for 7 days (they close at 4pm GMT Friday 9th April)
    In the event of a tie vote in a category a deciding vote will go to our independant adjudicators to determine a winner.
    There are a lot of categories with a lot of entries, but I would encourage you to try and vote on them all if you can, of course here at Wamp we try and give as much feedback as we can in our contests so if you feel inclined to rate or comment any entries we would be grateful.
    To entice you to vote there are some random prizes to be won. Anyone that votes is eligible to win one of the following:
    Sanctuary Ruins 40mm bases (x4) - ID Works
    Sanctuary Ruins 25mm Hero bases (x15) - ID Works
    Set of 5 wings - Maxmini

    And I might even find some more in the wamp basement!!

    All the polls are here:
    Click to Vote



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    Its been 6 months in the making but Little Angels, the largest ever miniature painting contest ever held online reached its climax with Avelorn aka Sven Jonsson winning Best In Show with his entry 'Yarry'.

    In Total we received 152 entries across 34 categories creating the largest miniature painting contest ever held online. The event was created to raise money for Tommy's a charity that is dedicated to trying to prevent miscarriage and stillbirth. All entries into the contest have been auctioned and the proceeds donated to the fund. Our target was to raise £1,000 we currently at time of writing are around the £2,000 mark with donations still coming in. Our fundraising page can be found here:

    Full results can be found here:

    All the entries can be viewed here:

    Thankyou to everyone that has helped us by entering, bidding, voting, publicising or just plain encouraging. Its been a real team effort and its great to see the miniature painting community come together and show what we can do with a little effort.
    A massive thankyou to all our sponsors too who donated £2,000 worth of prizes for the contest.
    Not sure how we top this next year!!

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    Wow!! cheers! Didn't expect that.

    This day:

    Got a taxreturn of $1600, Got an A on my statistics exam, got great feedback on a short film script I've written, cooked a praised dinner for, and got drunk with, my mates, won best of show little angel.

    Fantastic! Cheers all who voted for me! Best day I've had in ages.

    And again, great initiative!! A big kudos to all who entered and participated in any way!!

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    Attaboy Sven! Glad you had a good one! Very nice and deserved pirze for you too!

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    Well done, Sven, and yes, sounds like a great day.

    Don't forget there's a few items left in the auctions.
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