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    Good gods, man! I love your GS-fu. I would swear your chain is actual chain painted green. What tools do you use when sculpting?

    And don't change a thing on the mask. That alone gives the mini more character than any SM I've seen in a long time.

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    I use these and differnt sized neadles for the real small stuff.

    i also use cut up bits of rubber (like pencil rubber) very good for a smooth look, sometimes i use a smooth brush with water to remove small lumps ect

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    That is really impressive SM. The mask is amazing and gives so much personnality to this mini. You've got so much talent in sculpting.

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    i like it, especially the bone mask, and roman/greek style chest armour...
    the symbol on his leg is nice, but looks like a perfect rendition of the Death Guard logo...
    i assume it's meant to be an iron halo kind of reference, but it does confuse the good guy/bad guy issue...

    keep up the good work...


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    I think your first one deserved to get a demon, so iv'e high hopes for this

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    i have based the symbol on this , the sons of medusa chapter symbol

    also thanks for the great comments very much appreciated i will look forward to updating the thread waile painting maby like a tutorial.

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    i have changed the knife to a plasma pistol as suggested i still cant make my mind up!

    wat do you think guys?

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    plasma pistol looks good...

    as for the symbol, i think it's the sheer size of the skull in the icon that may confuse the issue...
    once it is painted up in Medusa colours, it should work well...


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    I prefer the plasma pistol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheelfy View Post
    I prefer the plasma pistol.
    aye, ditto

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    Think im going to try and sculpt MEDUSA on both sides of the plasma pistol !

    I have never tryed text before so should me interesting

    Any tips?

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    Maybe use small plasticard pieces instead of stuff and just carve the text on them. Easier to make new ones if you happen to fail.
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    just tryed to sculpt the letters and was a compleat fail so i think i will get a better finnish if i free hand it when painting.

    i am going to add some wires/tubes from the pistol goin round the back of his chest and into the base of the backpack area

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    Here is a quick update on how its going iv just been working on the base and here are some pics

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    Very good base.

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    thanks , i'v tryed to do a desert base with an old chaos termi half buried under the sand i may try and make some tomble weed and dry grasses and im goin to add some rocks on the surface.

    i have used broken slate and plasticard for the 2 sides and surface , i cut a wole in the plasicard and placed half a chaos terminator in and added the arm and trophy rack underneath then i have used green stuff and fine sand (fine gecko desert sand!) and some odd skulls i found in my bits box.
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    Neat sculpting, it's interesting to follow the project.

    I think you can buy really small stencils, or etched brass text from one of the guys that advertise on the site... 2mm I think, could help with the text you mentionned.

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    I love your base, the sand looks very realistic, but I am not really a fan of the lightning claws coming out the side. The iron halo/vehicle bit looks great, as do the skulls, but the claws just seem tacked on and superficial. I wish I could explain why, but they're just not doing it for me.
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    The claws caught my eye too, I think they just look a little sharp & clean now. Once they're thoroughly trashed & rusted up with a nice bit of painty weathering they should bed in nicely. Perhaps scalpel in some damage now? One of the claws with it's tip snapped off?
    Cheers, B.

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