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    i really love the base, great story there.

    the only thing that bugs me, is how that terminator managed to get himself stuck in the middle of an apparently solid piece of rock????

    by the way, i love the entire build... the marine looks ace..... XD

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    he has sank in the desert sand after dieing days ago with a painfull death from a plasma shot to the gut


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    Long time no post! i had no time over xmas due to work and now iv got a bit more time so can carry on with my miniature's
    i will add some new shots soon and will have a video up on my youtube channel soon so will post that here to

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    I have started painting the back pack first so i can feel more free on getting the color i want, and its easy to replace if i make any big mistakes!

    I'v just done the basecoat and shaddows and highlights so far.
    I have used 50/50 mix of Camo Green and Gretchin Green for the bace coat, 60% paint 40% water
    for all my shaddows and highlights i dilute the paint quite alot , 60 - 70% water
    I like to add the highlights first as its easyer to correct mistakes, for the first hightlight i added 25% Rottin Flesh
    and then the seccond highlight 25% more
    last highlight is just Rottin Flesh on its own but i my add some white yet.
    For the first shaddow i mixxed 5% Dark Angels Green and 90% catachan Green and added that 50/50 to the base coat
    Second shaddow iv added about 25 - 40% more to the mix
    For the last shaddow i have used 50/50 Catachan Green and Shadow Grey in a very light wash and 50/50 Catachan Green and Red Gore but as you can see you cant realy see it yet!

    for the next few steps i will be adding dilute washes and goin back over highlights and shaddowsuntill im happy, then i will be adding weathering after i have done the metal
    so far i have undercoated the metal area's 40% graveyard earth 60% Boltgun Metal

    any comments are welcome

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    I try not to post unless I have something, in my opinion, usefull to say. Sometimes though, you just have to fall in line and say "bloody hell this is awesome!"

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    It looks very nice! The blending is awesome.
    Do you move the brush from were you want the blending to start and finish the stroke were you want the color to be the strongest?
    If not what other technique do you use to get so smooth blends?

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    Yes i do use this technique, but to get a smoother blend i also use brush strokes in other directions across parts of the model that havent blended well , i never just brush "down" i brush down, diagonal, left and right in thin layers a bit like cross hatching but all ways into where u want the paint to fall.

    its harder to cover dark areas so i try and leave them until last, but i go back and forth between lights and darks

    i may do a video on youtube soon to cover my techniques im setting up my own site soon aswell

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    rly cool mini man. Ive never rly been a big fan of banners but it looks kinda cool on this mini especialy if you do that skull design. keep it up dude cant wait to see it painted.

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    does anyone know how i can add a youtube video to show up in my thread?

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    click the little icon that is to the right of the 'insert image' icon. then paste the address provided in the address-field that's usually to the left of the video you want to post from youtube.
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    This video was to test my new camera, i hope you like it. i know the color is weird but wanted to see how close i could get!

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    nice work. i love the vid!
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    Very good mini. Can't wait to see it painted.

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    sweet vid, sweet mini, nice
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    Thankyou for all of your great comments i will have some more pictures up soon!

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    here is an updated pic of the backpack before i start the weathering , there are some harsh edges between the metal that will be coverd by the weathering. i have added shaddows and highlights to the metal and added a bit more to the green

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    Ohmyohmyohmy! :O

    Now, I really like the start of this paintjob!

    Lets see, greenstuffing, check. Painting, check... Next you're gonna tell us you're a great lover and a master chef as well right? This'll turn out really, really nice.

    I just had to edit, How the heck did I miss your first post of the painted backpack?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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    lol thanks chrome ,

    im about to start painting the head and i will photograph each stage and upload it here, only thing is i cant decide if i should paint the mask bone or metal ?? or something else, any1 have any thorts on it?

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    Definetely bone!

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    Cool sculpt and great painting of the packpack.

    But which colour you should choose for the mask depends on which color have got the front armor and the shoulders. When they will be like the packpack and gold weather gold could be cool too...

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