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Thread: Cadwallon and Cynwäll sculptor(s)

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    Default Cadwallon and Cynwäll sculptor(s)

    Does anyone know a good way to find out who sculpted what Rackham model? I'd specifically like to know who the sculptor(s) was for the Cynwäll warriors, war-staff and the following Cadwallon models:

    Cadwe bandits
    Cadwallon Militia
    Isabeau the Secret
    Vladar the Arrogant
    Syth Mornis
    Arcanic thief
    The Scarecrow
    Pixie Tricksters
    Cadwe undertaker
    Ahsa Ruyar
    The Harlequin
    Arcanic thieves
    Cadwe ferrets

    Mind you, I'm not asking that you do the Googling for me; but if you know offhand or can tell me a good way to find what I need, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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    Wouldn't somebody on have a better idea, seeing as how they're a dedicated Confrontation board?

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    Nope. Most of us packed up and left those forums about a month ago to start an independent group. I've already asked the members, but no one can say for sure. Now I'm shopping around.

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    Oh. I didn't know that. Sorry, then, can't help out here.

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    Default This will be tough job?!

    The second I read your post. I had to double check things. Rackham never really printed much about the sculptors of their products.
    There isn't anything on the cards(even to the artist,on the art type stat cards), probably due to a card represents several figs. I'm sure someone might have a few matches sculptor to fig but finding it will be tough.
    "Cry Havocs" list several sculptors but no specifics.
    I will try to compile a list from the cry havocs I have; others will have to fill in from there. Maybe this thread will become the place for that info.

    I'll post my findings in a few.

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    Default rackham sculpters

    from the 2004 catalogue i have MICHAEL BIGAUD, BENOIT COSSE, YANNICK FUSIER, YANNICK HENNEBO, ALEXANDRE MARKS, NICCOLAS N'GUYEN, NICOLAS NORMAND, STEPHANE SIMON...who sculpted what i dont know but you should be able to contact at least one of these through facebook or some such networking site. good luck.

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    Default Here is what I found.

    From the Cry Havoc's magazine, sculptors listed(could be scenery) in the index. I'm missing a few 3,5,14 not sure what exists after 15. Some have odd lettering or accent markers to the letters.
    Here goes:
    Issue #1,2,4,6
    Michael Bigaud---I believe he does some work for GW and Privateer Press
    Benoit Cosse
    Yannick Fusier
    Alexandre A.(Aragorn) Marks----I think I've seen a website of his??
    Nicholas N'Guyen
    Oliver Nkweti Lefitte
    Nicolas Normand
    Elfried Perocho
    Ste'phane Simon
    #7 add
    Sean Green
    Ste'phane N'Guyen
    Juan Navarro (Juan Navarro Perez in #8-15)
    #8 add(9-11)
    Mauro Gnani
    Ste'phane NGuyen Van Gioi
    #12 add(13,15)
    Sebestien Labro
    Rafal Zelazo ("L" in the first name has a line running it "/" and Z" has a "^" above it)

    Not sure if this helps; but when you look at groups of Rackham figs there is very few differences --as if one did all the Cynwalls, Wolfen, etc --The styles are all similiar, I guess is what I'm trying to say. So with so few sculptors listed, I can see how they kept such great continuity within each faction.
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    I found this Web site during my hunt, which has sculptor information for four factions so far. I hope they keep making these.

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    You're lucky, the new army I've added is precisely Cadwallon
    If somebody is kind enough to translate the article in English, I will be happy to put it online too!

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