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    After 2 years away from gaming I went to my lgs last night, turned out there was a 500pt tourney running. So I thought why not, haven't read the 5th edition but what the hell.
    So first game was a bye, 2nd game I destroyed a Tau force and in the 3rd I got mauled by Terminators. Great fun, even better was that at the end I was joint 1st !!!

    There was no org chart, simply put up 500pts

    So Sisters of Battle fielded were:
    troop squad of 13 inc ass, h/flamer and melta
    retributor squad; vss, 3 x h/bolter, m/melta
    total 493 points.

    There's life in this old dog yet

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    Go Wag!!!
    “We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area” - UK military spokesman Major Mike Shearer

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    I really must give it a go sometime. Ive read tons of the army books & stuff, just never tried the gaming system

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