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Thread: "Little Angels" Charity Auction Fatal Personality mini

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    Default "Little Angels" Charity Auction Fatal Personality mini

    I am auctioning this mini off for the "Little Angels" charity auction/contest over on WAMP. All proceeds from this sale will go to the charity, so please throw down a bid.


    I painted the mini earlier in the year for a contest over on WAMP and I think it got second place, if I remember correctly. I think it'd make a pretty cool and creepy demon fig for a post apoc RPG or a mini game. It's mounted on a 50mm round base from Dragon Forge Designs, which I really loved. It's a cool fig, throw down a bid!

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    Bidded! A very stunning version of my favourite sculpt, rich of atmosphere! :-)

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    Good luck! I love that sculpt and will for sure paint it up again. It's a real treat, and really tiny.

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