In this cold month of November we return with a new shift of innovations.

A new character for Ron&Bones with him we close another pack of characters.
Here is Pellejo Bill the superstitious one... As everything superstitious one,
he boasts of carry his own broken mirror, an aces´ deck of cards and hung of
his waists the heads of the girlfriends that he do not leave in the ports..

Design by Miniartproductions (Pedro Nuñez)
Sculpted by Simon Remis
Painted by Miniart Productions (Arsies).

Pellejo Bill:

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This month, after a lot of time, we have a new incorporation to the line of glamour.

Lissete, puppet Angel:
Design by Simon Remis.
Sculpted by Simon Remis.
Painted by Miniart productions (Lotina)

Lissete puppet angel:

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We complete line tandem with a new incorporation to the line of historically.
Here yuo can see to Kenjiro, the ronin:

Designed by Miniartproductions (ivan gil)
Sculpted by Ivan Santurio
Painted by Miniart Productions (Arsies)

Kenjiro, the ronin:

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Until here the innovations in miniature ... we go a time announcing
it and finally already there are here, the pack of official Ron&Bones´ adventures.

It is not a simple system of tournaments based on points, In our adventures you
will be able to earn nautical miles in the adventures that will allow you to
advance in the Route of the Mute Parrot, according you advances across the route and
come to ports you will win prizes of special edition not commercialized, news and
many things more that you only will be able to discover taking part in the adventures.

The route of the Mute Parrot...

In the web you will be able to consult the map when you want to see your advances and your rivals´ advances in the map.

With this system we try to favor the game so much with players' little communities as in big
associations. Though in your group of game there are not many players, you will challenge with
players of everything in world in the map of the route (though you do not play directly with them ...).

See you the next month!!!.