Timothy is back with another expensive mini
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Thread: Timothy is back with another expensive mini

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    Default Timothy is back with another expensive mini

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    To be fair, it\'s quite nice.


    Yeah. A bit steep, I suppose. But maybe someone\'ll buy it?

    Did anyone buy the last one (an Executioner, I think)?

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    Yeah. For $75. I expect he will have to cut the price on this one as well, though his Persecuter went for $100.

    Gotta wonder what he does with the other figures in the blisters.

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    Y\'know, I got \"Honorable Mention\" in LA GD 2003 WH40K Single, too.. Does that mean I should charge $50 for a mini? :P

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    Why not?
    It\'s all a matter of what people will pay.
    Sometimes it makes me jealous,but mostly I know they are paving the way for you, me and the next painter out there.

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    Default The price would be fine...

    but, um, the figure\'s not actually that nice looking :(

    In the little pics it looks nice, but in the supersize view it\'s a bit rough.

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    He could sell it. It doesn\'t surprise me how much people will pay for someone to paint minis. A friend of mine got $150 bucks for a ten man Blood Angels tactical squad. This was back in 97\'.


    Originally posted by Impernouncable
    Yeah. For $75. I expect he will have to cut the price on this one as well, though his Persecuter went for $100.

    Gotta wonder what he does with the other figures in the blisters.

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    The executioner that I provided a link for was originally listed at $120. Mr. Holly seems to recognize that though his work can command a goodly sum, it is a buyer\'s market after all. I\'m not sure why he doesn\'t just set up his figures as conventional auctions, it seems as if it would be less frustrating than continually adjusting the prices.

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    Originally posted by Chrispy
    Y\'know, I got \"Honorable Mention\" in LA GD 2003 WH40K Single, too.. Does that mean I should charge $50 for a mini? :P
    I was 14 and I got one at LA in 40K single too!
    I wouldn\'t be too put off, it is quite a nice minis, but he just sounds so damn pompous!

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    When it comes down to selling online it breaks down into a few bits as to what will make your auction sell, extremely high or extremely low...

    First off is most important I think. A painters reputation. If you have a large rep. from winning golden demons or other conventions with high repute then you will most likely get an edge in sales to be able to let people know that you are a \'certified\' quality painter. Most people bookmark the seller list for high-end painters so that they can get a jump on their auctions in case a \'buy it now\' is about, that\'s what reputation will do for a seller. Either that or people purchase from you if you\'ve just been around a long time selling good figures . Take Dman for example, if you\'re an ebay watcher you\'ll know this guy cranks out about as many high class mini\'s in a week as some GW store staff\'s do.

    Secondly is the figure at hand. I know however some painters can turn an old plastic one-pose into a converted work of art, but mostly it\'s the new releases that sell. After all, what\'s more desireable than having the latest mini for your army and having it painted really well for you already to go?

    Third is the paint job. The level of the paintjob is really not to important from what I have seen in the past years of ebay stalking. If you have the above 2 notched for your lot or if you strike a pattern that someone is absolutely in love with, the quality is just a dead weight. I have seen some figures look like dirt(no offence to the painters at hand) and they have gone and broken triple digits in price. I have also seen amazing looking peices sell for scratch, and that is really, really painful to watch when you know someone spent long hours on a figure.

    That is about as accurately as I can portray the ebay market from what I have gathered. I have been watching it since about 2000, a year before I signed up for it. At any one time it is no surprise to see anywhere from 500-800 lots of painted figures, so in order to get a sellers edge you need a good reputation to start with or you need to build one. And once you get the ball rolling, who knows how many hundreds of dollars people will pay to own \"insert your own famed name here\" \'s figures. lol

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    I hate to contribute for fear of being told off LOL. But here goes. I too have sold the occasional mini for what people call an outrageous amount. But it\'s really not that outrageous if you think about it and here\'s why. Most people have jobs right? The average wage is say $7.00 US per hour maybe more? Say it takes you 10 hours to complete a miniature and at the very least you should want to get $70.00 plus the cost of the mini and thats just accounting for the work, not the talent.

    The hobbist who just wants to get rid of the prized mini immediantly says, hmm I wonder what I can get for that mini? $10.00 maybe $20.00 after pouring his time and talent into it????

    talented people usually make a little more per hour, just take for example your average car mechanic, he makes around $30.00 - $60.00 and hour maybe even more, If he is any good. Using that same logic it is a good thing he\'s not painting the miniature. The problem comes in with what the person buying it is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to except. Too many painters and non painters under value the paint jobs and under estimate the work. I took many a commission back in the day that ended up being no where near worth the amount of money I was paid especially after I added up the hours involved. Non painters really don\'t understand this concept at all, Not only do they not understand the time involved but they think this kind of work can be turned out in 2 to 3 hours with out any inspiration. I\'m not saying every mini on ebay should be worth a small fortune, most are worth just what they are getting, but I would say there is nothing wrong with selling something based on a realistic values for the time envolved and the talent.

    P.S. You don\'t need to be a Haley or a Verzani to get a fair price. I actually bought a less expensive Verzani once and frankly I paid for it just to see what all the fuss was about. I got it and and wasn\'t all that impressed but then I can paint so I guess it didn\'t do that much for me. No Slam to Verzani productions they are worth what a person is willing to pay and very nice minis.

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    As a regular ebay seller...here are my thoughts on this...

    First of all, its true that the best paintjob in the world can fetch a bad price if its on the wrong model.

    New releases tend to do pretty well as long as they are for a popular army, but the ones that do the best by far (I\'m talking a hundred dollar premium or more compared to normal prices for painted minis) are the really nice ones that get painted and posted before they are released. I\'m not sure how people are getting pre-release stuff, but I want to find out! This happened big time with Daemonhunters...Anyone remember the Grey Knight Grandmasters and Inquisitor Lords that were going for $300+?

    Aside from that, I\'ve found that a combination of good reputation and good model selection is the ket to ebay success. Paint your models with enough originality to get a \"wow\" from people but keep them to the point where they will match the \"stock\" color scheme of the army. Also, a simple conversion or two will set your model apart from every one like it hanging on the rack at the gaming store, as will a nicely done but not overdone base.

    The last thing I have found that helps is to have multiple listings up at once...so people who click on one and like it will be inclined to look at your other auctions thus increasing exposure. One good strategy for this is to sell some extra stuff you have laying around for which ever game you are selling painted stuff for...someone looking for unpainted models may see one of your painted minis this was and decide that they have to have it!

    Hope this helps.


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    It\'s been sold for 100 USD.

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    I think the final price is a little on the low side to be quite honest. The model is nicely painted and based. He must have spent a considerable amount of time painting it and I would imagine that the figure itself cost nearly 10 dollars. I think the main problem is its a Confrontation figure.

    I\'ve got to agree with the others, newly released models, especially from GW, that are both nicely sculpted and good in the game sell very well. I\'ve only sold one model on Ebay. That was an Archaon model and I got over £100 for it. The paint job was almost identical to the \'eavy metal picture on the box, the base was more lava-like than the grassy one they had, and I used a bit of a lighting effect under the horse where the heat was reflected. It got mid 7s on here when it was first released last year. But it wasn\'t yet released in the States and yep it was an american who bought it. So really I think it was the combination of good army choice, great model, availability in the US and an above average paint job that drove the price up.

    Unfortunately my Nightbringer didn\'t sell and I think that was in part due to the fact that less people collect Necrons and its probably of less use in game too.



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    Necrons always struggle on ebay...I can\'t recall ever seeing one sell there and saying to myself \"wow, that was expensive...I should paint one\". Kittykat, how much earlier are minis realeased in the UK than they are here in the states? I\'ve noticed that offering painted copies for sale before they come out here=big bucks.


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    I\'m not sure, sometimes it can be a month or two, other times I think they come out at the same time. It just varies.:rolleyes:



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    $100 isn\'t bad for that mini. I\'m sure when factoring in the time it spent, the $ per hour isn\'t outrageous. I would never pay that myself, but that\'s becuase I can paint. There are really only 2-3 people in the whole world that I would pay to have paint for me but they are just simply my painting heroes.

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