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    Default New Eolith Pre-orders

    New Eolith Pre-releases are available from today.

    First up is Layla the Sorceress in 30mm scale (35mm to the top of her head), whom I sculpted on a whim earlier this year (I like to sculpt myself something as a birthday present once a year). She went down well with the folk I showed it to so she went off to the mouldmaker. Secondly is my first ever bust, an evil warrior (I see him as some sort of vampire or demon. With his brow like that, he's not quite human, that's for sure). Normally busts are rather large subjects but I've always had the idea in my head to sculpt smaller ones. This entire bust is 35mm tall and something equivalent to 1/20th scale (I think).

    Anyway, I'm taking pre-orders as of today, and expect production casts in just a few days.

    Incidentally, if you'd like to see more busts, why not let me know... I certainly enjoyed sculpting him.

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    Well I really like the Bust and have an idea to make him a Drow.
    He has that arrogant facial expression I'd expect.

    Oh and Yes please more busts to paint.
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    Seconded more busts please
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    Just letting you all know that all pre-orders of Layla and the Evil Warrior Bust have now shipped and everything is in stock for immediate shipping.

    If people want more busts it's a good time to vote with yer wallet

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